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Training Log/Diary - anyone have an Excel version?

Try using fizztrain.com

I find it really useful for tracking my training over the month. Also lets you input HR data, gives average speeds and predicted times.


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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have a example training log/diary spreadsheet they'd like to share. Or tell me what data they record in their training diaries?

    I've been trying to design one to monitor my new training routine and every time I come to report another session I seem I come up with another set of data I perhaps should include, then think I'm perhaps being too analytical....

    I hope (cheeky I know) that some of the more experienced athletes might have already been through this quandery and be able to help?



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    WilkoWilko Posts: 23
    I have had a go with beginnertriathlete.com, but I didn't really get on with it. Now using triblogs.co.uk.

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    Thanks guys, I'll check these sites out.

    I must confess to be a bit of a spreasheet geek though...

    Hmmmm data interrogation and manipulation.....
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I use the spreadsheet from http://www.phidippides.co.uk/runlog.html

    Does the job.
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