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Peroneal tendon problem

My physio has diagnosed me with a Peroneal tendon problem.. it was probably caused by my ankle ligament injury a couple of months ago..

I can still run but with pain. Physio has suggested I take a couple of weeks off running... but I have an race next Friday... I know.. I know I should listen to the professional....

Has anyone else experience similar sort of problems? and what sort of recovery time did it take - I hate the idea of not running for a few weeks at the START of my new training plan..


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    Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    Well.......... I ignored warnings from my tendon and overstretched during a body combat class and bang!! Initially docs thought it was a partial rupture of the achilles along with tears to the soleus and the gastroneumius. I didnt rest up as I should've done, even though I was in one hell of a lot of pain and could move only very slowly, and three weeks later trod on something which yanked my heel down and bang again! I was told I would be out for 8 weeks but when still useless after 6 months I had an MRI scan (at last!) which showed that the achilles had ruptured completely and was sticking itself back together as best it could under the circumstances. The upshot is; one year on and I have just started training for triathlon again but this time when I get warning twinges I back right off and things are going swimmingly.

    Moral of the story: a few weeks rest is better than 12 months pain and incapacity!

    Good luck![:)]
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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    If your physio has recommended that you take 2 weeks off, I'd recommend that you take 2 weeks off. Better to miss one race now than the entire season. Your physio is only trying to look after your health.

    I've got the same thing at the moment - well, different problem, similar recommendation - three weeks off in my case - so I'm trying to see it as a golden opportunity to improve my cycling and swimming. Because otherwise it's just too disappointing.
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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    Take the rest and focus on the aspects you can do, i.e. swimming and cycling. Can still put in some decent time in these area's and a stronger bike will leave you 'fresher' for the run.

    Had an IT band issue last year 6 weeks before London Tri last year, and acupuncture helped speed up my recover no-end. To a can I even race scenario to a 2 week build up period of light running. Also managed a PB - so all is not lost!

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    Phil TPhil T Posts: 49
    What trainers have you got? Peroneal injury can be caused by too much pronation control. No doubt you went to a running shop and they told you you over-pronate? Over pronation is far too commonly over diagnosed. Have you got a high arched foot as far as you know? If you lateral load (supinate) your foot this can also be a be a cause. May be worth seeing a podiatrist who has a good biomechanics background. If you can see your NHS biomechanics pod that would be your best bet as thats all they do and they shouldnt b*llshit you. If the waiting list is too long there is footmechanix in west Byfleet Surrey (girl called Karen Knightly, never met her but she is on a lot of the podiatry biomech forums and seems to know her stuff. Has an ad in the back of 220) There is another guy called Paul Harradine in Portsmouth and he is very switched on. But above all if the physio tells you to rest then rest. Did he give you any other treatment/advice (ice, compression etc)?

    Good luck...
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