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Is my face the wrong shape for these googles??

I can't possibly hope to compete with Conehead - who can? - but I've got a pair of Vista's and occasionally the seal around the lenses pops out if I'm pratting about with them; it's easily remedied. I'd have thought they'd fit most people.


  • scott_burrowsscott_burrows Posts: 381
    Just after Xmas (with my vouchers for presents) I brought a pair (set??) of Aquasphere Vista Clear goggles.. at the time of purchase I placed them on my face and the suction was good... however I’m unable to swim more than 12 lengths without them starting to fill up with water.. I’ve tried tightening them until my eyes pop out and loosen them to the point when only the suction keeps them one.. however they still leak.....

    Have other people encounter goggles that simply leak no matter what they do?? I’m thinking of giving up and buying a new pair..



  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    just a thought scotty... you haven;t got any stray hair caught under the seal have you, where water can creep in? Or something else getting between your skin and the mask/goggle?


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    This happened to me. I bought an Aquasphere Seal XP goggle/mask combo for sea swimming. It simply doesn't fit my face. I tried it in the pool and it just leaked like a sieve. I can get it watertight if I physically hold it on, but that kind of buggers up my stroke.[&:]

    Unused, £5 to a good home.....
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    now you tell me... have just splashed out (see what I did there ? ;-) on a new pair of

    Aqua Sphere Seal Goggles


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    One pair of goggles I have cost three quid from a vending machine - they're great at not leaking. They mist up something dreadful though - good for creating an open water effect indoors I guess.

    Aquasphere Seal XP are on my list to try, maybe I'll have better luck than Bopo.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Jules wrote:

    Aquasphere Seal XP are on my list to try, maybe I'll have better luck than Bopo.

    Mine are fantastic Jules... I am sure (unless you have a weird head like what bopo clearly does) you won't regret trying them.


  • brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    Jules, I bought some anitfog stuff for my goggles and it's great...they never fog up now...you can get it from wiggle..only about 5 squid me thinks...

  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    I have the same problem with the aquasphere seals, when suctioned on fully they press down hard on the bridge of my nose and hurt. If I loosen them off they leak! They also leak anyway if I have my face in the correct position for swimming, ie looking straight down at the bottom of the pool. If I look slightly ahead when I swim they don't leak so bad. Whichever way, and whatever googles I wear they either leak or leave horrendous gouges around my eyes, which stay for most of the day giving me that alluring Dot Cotton look.......

    If anyone wants them I have about a million pairs of swim googles from aquaphere, speedo, zoggs, etc etc etc
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Maybe the real answer then is that its not scotty that has a weird shaped head, but me ... in that mine fit me fine and its everybody else they don't fit [8|]


  • scott_burrowsscott_burrows Posts: 381
    That's sound logical Didds.. everyone else do seem to look funny....

    I do have hair that is long enough to get caught.. but I thought that I pull it back far enough not to get inbetween the seal with my face..

    The mask must of been moulded from the face of one of these other people you talk abouts Didds "Everybody?!?!?" whoever they are..

  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    scott_burrows wrote:

    "Everybody?!?!?" whoever they are..

    They'll be those people in front of me whenever I "race".


  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    i cant use the mask style goggles. the suction feels like it's going to pull my eyeballs out my head and i get a headache after about 30 seconds of wearing them. and thats only been in the lounge checking to see if they 'seal' correctly, so without the strap around my head!
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