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Broken spoke

I've noticed this morning I have a broken spoke on my rear wheel..

Do I have to cease cycling immediately? can I get a replacement spoke or a new wheel?

ARGHHH.. my first Tri is on Saturday I running out of time due to work...



  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Firstly, relax!! As long as its a standard wheel and not a wheel like a bontrager (that have about 8 spokes!!) you can cycle on it fine!! One spoke will not drasticaly upset the structural integraty of your wheel.

    However, I would look at fixing it before your race (especialy as its your first!!) any LBS or Halfords will be able to replace a spoke for you if you're not confident to DIY. When they do replace it try to watch how they do it (its reletively simple) so you know for next time.

    I would also have a quick gander at the rest of your spokes on the wheel, look for any loose spokes, if more feel very loose then I would take it to an LBS ASAP, if theyre all OK then doing 20k on it for your race should be OK.

  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    The wheel will be weakened - so could fail catastrophically, or just end up getting buckled. You certainly don't want to go too far with it like that... but I'm sure people have got a way with less.

    Take it to your LBS. the spoke needs to be replaced, the the wheel needs to be made "true". This usually requires a jig to do this - certainly to the tolerances you want for a racing machine! The spokes are all under tension to hold the wheel together.. so balancing it all up is important.

    You can do it manually, which might be fine for you hack bike - but not really recommended for your trusty racing thoroughbred.
  • Thanks guys,

    Unfortunetly I do have bontrager wheels, therefore would I need specialised metal for the spoke? as there are lees I think the material needs to be stronger therefore more specialised?

    otherwise I might need to buy a new set of wheels....

  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Ring up your LBS and tell them you want them to fix your wheels... tel them what you have and they wil be able to get the spare next day unless you are very unlucky.

  • Cheers guys,

    took to LBS and they will fix for £12... pick up tomorrow.


    although the thought of new wheels was looking appealing...

  • MGMG Posts: 470
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