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My first OW Swim and a 10k PB today!!

So after the success of yesterday with boys at Lichfield yesterday I had a full day of training..

This morning my first ever Open Water swim session..

I convinced one for my Tri club members to escort or "buddy" for me with my first session... just incase some thing went wrong.. so at 7am this morning I attend Liquid Leisure a lake near me

It was everything I've read on the forum.. My experience:-

I refused some lube for the back of neck to stop chaffing.. I won't next time.. but I have to experience it first..

The first length (500M) was tough.. I couldn't get into a rythm and I hardly managed to get my face in the water.. I swam front crawl with my head looking out for a lot of the first 300m.. my chest felt really tight and I struggled to do mono-sided (??) breathing. my shoulders really ached after only 250m. at the 500M turn around point. I stopped and floated a little.. it's nice to bouyant...

I start back toward the first bouy really trying to do a proper FC, I could only manage single sided breathing but continued the whole way.. i did notice that just breathing to my left really shows up imperfections in my stroke.. I keep pulling more to one side..

At the end I had a time of about 16Mins 40sec for 1000M - I need to double check the distance because it seems far far too quick.. but like my buddy said.. a wetsuit helps a poor pool swimmer more than a good pool swimmer

The water was not as cold as expected.. I might even say it was pleasant.

off home for a shower, breakie then a 10k..

Local race at Shinfield.. feeling a little ropey after yesterday's Tris effort and the morning swim (ohh and the excess from drinking last night!!)

Started off at the back as per my race tactics.. first mile slow 9 mins.. then 2nd mile 8.16.. I was looking for a PB therefore less then 53.20.. I managed to up the pace, and continued to get faster spilts and ran in an amazing 48mins dead!!

5 mins off my PB, bloody hell!!!

I'm starting to believe that this training is starting to really work!!!! I'm managing to sustain faster and faster paces for longer...

I've now achieved my running goal for this year a sub 50mins 10k... Excellent... although after such a great run It'll be harder to get another PB :( I should of gone slower that way I could of knocked up more PB's this season...

So it appears although I've not lost a lot of weight I have got a lot fitter...



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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Mate that is awesome! Im down at Heron this weds and one of sat or sun if you fancy...

    And i wouldnt worry about the weight, ive seemed to have reached a phase were i actually dont lose weight anymore, i think it has something to do with my body finding a level where it uses the energy it needs to and retains the rest and i really cant afford to overhaul my diet at the minute.
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Scott, you have just experienced a great day! Remember it when training!!! You swam in OW, you swam fast in OW - you lived to post to the forum and now you know you can do the OD's - that in itself must feel great. Then, you go and blast your PB in a 10K! All of this on the back of a Triathlon the day before.

    By anyone's measure, that's a great day dude.



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    just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    My god, you are an animal, setting a standard like this makes tomorrow a hard act to follow for all of us racing today! Well done!
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Forewarned is forearmed, told you it would be a bit scary....but result mate! Good job on swim & run PB as well.
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    dangermousedangermouse Posts: 28
    Well done mate..great result. I'm sure most people here would kill to take 5mins off a PB!

    Especially well done on the OW session.


    whether this makes you feel better or worse I don't know, but the course at Liquid Leisure is 750m, not 1000m (assuming you did the main straight up, straight back course along the front).

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    Scott WScott W Posts: 51
    Well done, i christened my wetsuit on Sunday too, thought it must have been you from the forum (pink hair?) so should have said hi, will do next time

    I enjoyed the experience, my swimming buddy had "goggle issues" but did the 400 loop and the 750 loop and lived to tell the tale

    Arms (particularly shoulders) were much more tired than pool swimming but may have not pulled wetsuit up high enuff!

    Scott W
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    squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99
    i have finnally done my first ow session over the weekend, only 1km but it felt so good!! love the wet suit i brought although i did have a nice red mark on my neck (much remember that for mext time)

    yesterday did a 10mile tt on my bike 29:35 much happiness!!!!
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