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The season starts this weekend....

hey good luck Scott...my first one's next weekend (sprint)...let us know how you get on...


  • Hi guys, my first Tri of the season (and 2nd ever!!) is Saturday and I’m so excited….

    It’s only a sprint (at RAF Wattisham), but I’m really looking forward to it.. It will be a really good indicator of how far I’ve come over the winter months.. and probably make me realise how far I’m away from my ½ IM in September.

    I know a few of us have an event this weekend and over the coming weeks… so best of luck to everyone..
  • scott i am doing wattisham it is my first ever tri [&:] so am very nervous if you go past a girl looking totally confused that will be me :p

    see u there start time 14:11

    abit scared
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    It’s only a sprint

    I'm not havin' that mate, a sprint is a race like any other, and has its own set of individual merits too! In a sprint you have to focus so much more on quick transitions for example. Take track events, bet you don't say, "it's only the 100 meters final"!

    So do good Scott, i bet you clobber your PB and celebrate just like you would after your 70.3.

    Best of luck to you dude....

  • Cheers Gary..

    Did I read that you were looking for a time of sub 1hr at your event??

    Clare, I'm starting at approx 13.38, I'll be trying out a new 2 piece tri suit the wife has brought me.. you'll recoginse me as the guy in the rather unflattering green tri top.. no pink hair at the moment.. if you get a chance say hello..

    BTW you will be fine.. as you are starting after me you must quicker :)
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869

    just for the record there is 'absolutely no chance of me even getting anywhere close to 1 hour', that post wasn't mine! I am hoping for sub 1:15 and that would be great.

    How about you?
  • Expected time 1hr 20mins.. if everything does to plan maybe 1hr 15mins:-

    7 mins swim - doable

    45 mins cycle - might save a couple of mins, depends on course

    25 mins run - will be hard

    3 mins transitions

    1hr 20mins total
  • am not that quick tbh just good at swimming looking for

    5min swim time

    2mins t1

    40-45min bike dependant on windy conditions

    1mn t2

    25-30mins run

    going for a sub 1hr25mins

    as the novice female won last year in 1hr 23mins is not lookn to bad :P
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Mr Burrows

    Dont seem to see you on here as much as I did!

    How the devil are you? Sounds like you have a good level of fitness!

    I wish you all the speed and luck dude.

  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    good luck scotty!

    Look forward to getting you down to the lake in the next few weeks.
  • Chris..

    I'm ready for the lake now.. not too sure how the whole thing works and if I need a buddy or something.. perhaps we should have a chat.. I'm also organising a swim session with Mr Kiddle after your recommendation..

    Blinks.. I've been attempting to keep uptodate with the forum but struggled - I've actually been forced to do some work recently [:D]

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