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Olympic Times

Hi More Experienced triathletes!

I am a first timer at the London Olympic Tri.

Am wondering what average times are for age group of young/mid twenties????

I have no idea??

Also how slow is the 10k compared to normal 10k runs (e.g. not doing a copious amount of exercise before starting). I can do a 10k in 37mins normally but want to know how this will drop to estimate some sort of finish time.

1 more question....... Do you wear specialist pants/breifs under tri suit???



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    ClarkieClarkie Posts: 4
    I'm new to tri this year and I’ve not come from a running background so don't quote me on this. I'm sure I read somewhere that you can expect to go 10% slower than your normal/best time on the run when it's part of a tri. I've never run a 10k on it's own in a race so I’ve got no idea if this is the case. It does depend on how much you beat your self up on the bike leg and if you’ve been training with brick sessions to get used to the transition between the bike and run. I've completed 2 Olympic distances this year. I went hard on the bike on the second race and it was hard going on the run, albeit I beat my previous time for the run. I was glad I went hard on the bike and hung on for the run but I’m sure you'll get far better advice from those guys out there who've been at this lark for a few seasons.

    As for the pants you don't need them under your tri suit as they are a thinner padded version of a cycle short that you can swim and run in.

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    For a total first timer who knows they can complete the distances, I reckon a rule of thumb for London (not for all ODs) would be:

    SWIM: Add 10% to your 1500m pool swim time - yes, you are faster in a wetsuit, but nothing can prepare you for the way the mass start will unsettle your stroke until the pack spreads out considerably after the halfway turn. Unless you regularly train in a washing machine, that is.

    T1: Add 3-4 mins for T1. You get your suit off on the dock side, faff about with a plastic bag, then run up steps to the next floor and try to find your bike in the world's biggest transition area. It's a slow one.

    BIKE: Assume you will equal your PB on the bike. Hooray for flat courses, closed roads and enough buildings to shelter you from the wind. Mostly. Deduct points if you are used to riding in the countryside and depend on swallowing flies for extra protein - there are no insects in London.

    T2: Add 3 minutes. It's a long one again.

    RUN: Add 10% to your PB, to allow for knackered legs. You may go quicker than this - it is a flat course apart from two goes at the infamous ramps - and is apparently a little short.

    BRAGGING: Bragging rights are estimated to last approximately one year.

    Just my guesstimates based on my own experience last year, and a few other comments from forumites. Others may disagree, and I can't be arsed to argue! [:D]

    Re: pants. Tut tut. You need to do some reading. Please search for the word 'commando' and you'll find out that pants, even red ones, are forbidden. Have your 'Number-Belt Sporran(TM)' at the ready.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879

    Here, this thread should tell you all you NEVER wanted to know about the underwear (or lack of it) habits of the forumites.
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    WisemanWiseman Posts: 10

    Thanks alot for that.

    PS - the thread for the "commando" backing was somewhat overwhelming - my tri suit arriving today so watch out!


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Define 'specialist pants'....but don't google it.
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    niknakniknak Posts: 8
    check out this little baby.....

    it does it all for you......


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