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Off-road duathlon nr. Hull, East Yorks?

Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

I've just decided to start training for triathlon for next season (from a swimming background) and was planning just to train over the winter but have been getting into MTB quite a bit to get my general bike fitness up (along with regular turbo sessions) so was looking at entering an off-road duathlon over next few months but I can't seem to find any that are anywhere near me in Hull (East Yorks), everything seems to be SE/SW.

Any recommendations.

And on that note, is there anyone else out there in my area?!


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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Hi Nobz

    I'm just South of Doncaster, so not exactly local to you, but I can answer a couple of your questions in part...

    The only event that's on my radar at present is an offroad duathlon in Clumber Park, or perhaps it's at Sherwood Forest Pines, and it's in the near future. Check out the BTF listings for details.

    Regarding clubs, there are two that I'm aware of that might suit you. Either Lincsquad in Brigg, or Adwick Tri in, well, Adwick.

    There are probably more, but those are the only two that spring to mind as I'm not a member of a club at present. I hear good things of Adwick; Lincsquad is pretty new but they're enthusiastic types and ran the inaugural Brigg sprint tri just a couple of weeks ago.

    Hope that helps!
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    NobzNobz Posts: 22
    Thanks nivagh, funny enough I was in Donny last night for a game.

    Having a look at the Sherwood forest one now and it's just that little bit too close being this weekend, would have been perfect though. Doesn't seem to be anything else up in the north that's off road - the best I can see seem to be the Monsterman series but it's a long way to Guildford!

    Was supposed to be doing the Brigg tri myself as an starting point (after about a weeks training) but I managed to injure myself the week before [:@] what was the event like? Remember thinking on the morning that it looked a little bleak weather wise!

    The plan at the moment for next year is to stick to sprints, looking at Skipton and Humber in April, Driffield in May and Allerthorpe in June. Will probably add another to May and June but haven't picked any as yet. Hatfield looks good for July.

    Apparently there is a tri club in Hull - Barracudas so I'm planning on going down to their swim session next week - at least then I know I'm not out of my depth ;-)

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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    There were quite a few from Barracudas at the Brigg tri. I wondered where they were based.

    Brigg was good, I thought. The weather was horrible until about 9 am when it dried up, so the roads were a bit slippery and it wasn't warm, but it was well staffed and thought out.

    There's another early season sprint you could consider - Southwell. Think it's in May.

    It's only my first season too, so I have stuck to sprints - London (which I won entry to - wouldn't pay to do it again!), Southwell and Brigg. Looking forward to next year.

    Maybe you should get in touch with a local athletics club - they will have middle distance squads for 10k training and it's always better to run with others!

    Hope you find something to suit. Let us know!
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    NobzNobz Posts: 22
    Thanks I'll have a look at Southwell, sounds like a good tough route.

    Actually found an ideal off-road duathlon - Haworth Mudman http://www.4lifeeventsuk.co.uk/events/13.html - but typically it's a weekend that doesn't suit. I'll keep looking...
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