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Competitive Cycling: In addition to Tris, I do:

My strategy is to compete at individual events - e.g. running races, cycling TT, and do relatively few Triathlons - on a ratio, of, say 5 to 1 (i.e. five runs/or cycles to each Triathlon).

This strategy is based purely on enjoyment - rather than any cunning plan for world domination. Once I get into Tri's a bit more (I find the swim a daunting prospect), my views might change.

If I was able to swim properly, then I would also investigate swimming events - I'm not really sure what the options are (only the great north swim has caught my eye as something to do).

I envisage most of the summer spent doing TTs (10 mile and 25) - biding my time until I can run again, and have learned to swim properly (I'm going to have a go at doing two lengths of FC on the trot this week!).

Really, I'd never considered doing a multisport event (Tri/Dua) until I've gained a certain level of mastery/fitness at the individual events. The plan was: Season 1 - running. Season 2 Running in the Winter, Cycling in the summer. Learn to swim by sum magic process. Season 3 - Tri! It's only since reading this forum that I realise that other people have quite a different approach..

... So I'm wondering how unusual I am in wanting to mainly do individual events, with the Tri as the icing on the cake.

This particular poll was inspired by a number of comments I've seen of late - which leads me to belief that a lot of people are doing Tri's without much competitive cycling experience.. So vote away!


  • Hi Jack. I'm like you in doing more other events and only doing a few Tri's. Was planning for this year and found a number of Tri events, trying to keep fairly local, were clashing with holidays etc so I plumped for 2 long hilly sportives as my main challenges for this year. Have done a few running events so far with more to come but have not entered any swim only ones. First Tri is not until end of June.

    I see the non-Tri events as really enjoyable additions to my year and good motivation as they give you a greater number of targets to train for rather than just because I enjoy it, which I do! Always looking to try something new so might give a TT a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I'm allowed to enter 10M TT's through my Tri club, however I'm too much of a novice currently to compete..

    All I've heard is bad stories about these cycling folk [:D] who don't swim and run..

    I will have experienced it by the end of the summer...

  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Hi Jack. Since you asked...

    For me, entering my first triathlon this year was prompted partly by watching a mate do Blenheim last year; I'd done a couple of 10k running events and am going out with a cyclist, so I'd been working on that a bit too, just doing rides for pleasure really and to learn something new. When he'd get up and go for a swim I wondered if that might be good to re-learn, since I'd stopped swimming as a child. I got some lessons and can now swim about 400m, last time I checked, which I'm going to have to increase by another 350m to get round Blenheim this year. Oh and I need to add a lake....and a wetsuit.

    Entering Blenheim online while a bit tipsy during Christmas has given me the impetus to train more often; I find I always need something to aim for. And where the cycling is concerned, after my first audax on Sunday went well I'd like to do another; I've entered my first club 2-up 10m TT next week and think I'll come last (I'm the only girl doing it); but I'm just planning to build up the cycling gradually and see how it goes, really, with a few club TTs (the tri club and the local cycle club) to start with, I reckon. I'm interested in finding out whether I'm going to be any good (i.e. vaguely competitive) at cycling, whereas I'm not particularly competitive at running (which I'm not really built for!) or swimming (because really, what adults enter swimming races?). So, to sum up, 'triathlon' itself makes me work on my swimming and running, and the cycling training sort of goes alongside those, as I feel there could be more potential there. (I say potential - it's all relative - it's just nice to enter things and not come last I suppose!)

    That was quite long and now I feel a bit self-obsessed.......but since you asked.....I explained. :)
  • I've selected cyclosportif but really I've only done one (last year) although Id love to do more!! Im just a bit tentative about cycling competitively after my incident last year at my first where that drunk pushed me off.. it hurt! I will though at some point! I personally love the idea of variety and doing individual events as well as tris. they can only complement each other. x
  • [&:]
  • teamspiritteamspirit Posts: 148
    Cycling is or was my main sport lol. i Go from doing TT's 10 - 50miles, Road racing and cyclo x
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