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Any recommendations for a good sports injury specialist?

OK. I've never hurt as much as I have done with this damn knee. All last week it was like having toothache. Grinding away when sitting, standing lying. Getting really fed up.

I've been to the GP (just after easter) in order to get a referral to a specialist (I've got medical cover through work - so that should pay for it).

Finally got the letter through from the quack - but the earliest appointments are not till June. That will be 6 months without being able to train. Also, I've heard some negative comments on this particular surgeon.

I'm looking for something a bit beyond a physio - as I've tried all that!

But frustrated at waiting.

So, is that a typical waiting time - or should I go back to the GP/Norwich Union and see if I can find a better/quicker one.


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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    go find a better and sooner one - if you have any contacts with professional sports teams in your area ask them which doc they use - if going privately you should be able to get an appt within a couple of weeks - tell the GP you're an elite athelete not a 40+ potterer that might shake things up a bit.

    few bods on internet that might be worh a look


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Jack,

    I know you said you have tried Physio,but Denise Park does the physio for the GB fell running team and in the past issues of Fellrunner she has delt with a number of Knee issues as it is a common complaint,I think she is based in Clitheroe tel number 01200423181.A google search may give you more info.

    My kneee injury led me to The Rebound Clinic in Settle www.reboundclinic.co.uk

    At there I ended up with custom orthotics which made a huge difference but didn't totally cure the problem.

    There is also the Wharfedale Clinic in Otley which deals with alot of fell running injuries,but I have not delt with them personally.
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    waterdogwaterdog Posts: 2

    I don't know where you are based, but I use specialists in London. For a sports physician I would highly recommend Mike Bundy at Pure Sports Medicine (you should be able to ggogle it), I believe he is now the team doctor for the England Rugby team, and if you are willing to give physio another try then Ciaran McCoole at Injury rehab in St John's Wood is outstanding (02072662368). I know you said you'd given up with physio, but Ciaran got me back to training after a bad knee op left me not even able to walk. Similarly, the pair of them got me able to satrt triathlon even after being diagnosed with a collapsed disc.

    Hope this helps and wish you all the best in your recovery.
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