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Injury Shminjury

Well, spring is in the air. The sun is cracking the flags. The season is really kicking off

Good luck to everyone with a race tomorrow - thinking of Gary, Scott and every one else.

I've got a mate doing a half marathon.

I've got another couple doing the Bolton 10K.

The best I'll be able to do is get to Bolton and take some photos. Sigh.

Still, inspired by an earlier thread, I've had cheese, bread and beer. Outside in the sunshine. Like being on holiday - but with nicer food. So, can't be too sad.

So, I'll be cheering you all on from the side lines! Good luck, and have fun, PBs and all the rest!


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    can tell you're totally down about n ot being able to race!! hopefully you'll enjoy your photography but remember also theres the marathon to watch.

    i havent got a race tomorrow for first time in three weeks so going to sit and watch the marathon with the banana nut bread i've just baked.

    enjoy the sunshine!!! x
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    gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    Jack, i'm with you man! cant run or cycle or swim (if i kick that is)! but still you're getting out in the open air! [:D]
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