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V45: All downhill from here?

As I triathlete, it is only worth celebrating your birthday every 5 years. And this year (and my first tri season) I will be a VM45.

Although I will be the baby of the age group, the fact that I have up to five years advantage on the others, while being a thing worth celebrating, is also a bit depressing. As, all too soon, old father time will be weaving his magic once again - less aerobic fitness as my VO2 max is sliced away. Longer to recover from training with the need for extra rest days, and, unless huge amounts of training time are spent on flexibility and core strengthening, the prospect of more time lost to injuries.

So, as an antidote to the "spring is in the air, the sap is rising" threads, I thought it would be good to have a thread to celebrate the additional efforts that us elderly folk have to go through, just to improve or even maintain our performance levels.

So, what are your age group goals?

- Started off so unfit, you will still be improving for a while yet?

- Trying to be 24 again, but failing heroically

- Trying to stave off Coronary/Vascular disease for as long as possible

- Becoming insanely attractive to whatever gender floats your boat.

Should have made it a poll!


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    It's a total downer when you can class yourself as a vet[:(].The main goal has to be enjoyment at a less competitive edge,and alround fitness.But if I can get better results than younger age groupers I can still smile[:D]
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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Jack - Good luck in your first Tri season.

    Having " up to five years advantage on others in your age group " doesnt quite work like that as I'm sure you will find out during your coming season, There are some very fast old buggers out there.

    Your dead right about the longer recovery needed and the extra time spent on flexability and core, but all this "smart" training can actually make you a better athlete.

    Having been a middle of the packer in the sport for over 20 years, aproaching my 50th birthday my goal was to represent GB in Triathlon/Duathlon,

    this gave me an added incentive in my trainiing and somehow I could dig a little deeper than I thought possible.

    I have now represented GB in 7 major events culminating with a bronze medal in Vancouver last year, something I would never have thought possible in my younger days.
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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    Only just started doing anything sporty, so fit into your first category.

    Makes me spit to see the younger less baggy athletes sprint away from me during the run though - wish I'd taken this up in my thirties.

    What's hard is knowing that however hard you work, those thighs will never ever be svelte, toned and undimpled.

    However I can still outpace many of the youngsters, and the men, in the swim.

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    han382han382 Posts: 80
    To support Bathtub and his fast old buggers. I did the Paddock Wood Half Marathon yesterday and had the pleasure of seeing a 70+ vet getting round in 1hr 33mins.

    I'll be happy to make it to 70-never mind running at that pace!
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    ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    had the pleasure of seeing a 70+ vet getting round in 1hr 33mins
    [:-][:-][:-] WOW

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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I get overtaken by at least one old bloke per race, usually more.

    I guess if you can be still competing at 70 the number of people you have to beat in your age-group will thin out a bit. Only 25 years to go Jack!
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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    Started off so unfit, you will still be improving for a while yet?

    definitely me[:D]
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    What age do age groups start? Am I right in saying it goes from Juniors to Seniors the in five year brackets after that. Is the first group after Senior age 35 plus? or 40 plus?

    What year do they start from? If it's 35 plus does are you in that agre group in the year you turn 35 or the year after?

    I did try and look this up, can't actually find the answer anywhere obvious on the BTA website.
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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    [size=3][left]Jules- This is taken from BT website[/left][left] [/left][left]27. Age Categories[/left][left][/size][font=arial][size=3]The following age categories will apply in British Triathlon[/left][left]registered events: (Ages shall be determined as at the 31st December[/left][left]in the current year.)[/left][/size][/font][font=arial][size=3][left]Code Category Age[/left][/size][/font][font=arial][size=3][left]8 Tristar Start 8[/left][left]9-10 Tristars 1 9-10[/left][left]11-12 Tristars 2 11-12[/left][left]13-14 Tristars 3 13-14[/left][left]A Youths 15-16[/left][left]B Juniors17-18 17-18[/left][left]C Juniors19 19[/left][left]D Senior 1 20-24[/left][left]E Senior 2 25-29[/left][left]F Senior 3 30-34[/left][left]G Senior 4 35-39[/left][left]H Veteran 1 40-44[/left][left]I Veteran 2 45-49[/left][left]J Veteran 3 50-54[/left][left]K Veteran 4 55-59[/left][left]L Veteran 5 60-64[/left][left]M Veteran 6 65-69[/left][left]N Veteran 7 70-74[/left][/size][/font][left][font=arial][size=3]P Veteran 8 75-79[/left][left]Q Veteran 9 80+[/left][left] [/left][left]Age category shall be determined as at 31[/size][/font][font=arial][size=1]st [/size][/font][font=arial][size=3]December in the[/left]current year.[/size][/font]
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Thanks bathtub. I did look, clearly not hard enough!
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