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Run through it

Ignore the pain

Carry on regardless

End up in such discomfort that you give up trying to sleep at 3:30, and no way can you even drive to the pool for the 7:30 swim.

At least there was discovering Michelle Ryan in the Doctor Who easter special on BBC iPlayer. Hurrah for the internet.

The morning after is too late for compression, although it does make dragging the limb round behind you bareable. I'm beginning to wonder if it is some kind of stress fracture.


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    MGMG Posts: 470

    Try this link, although if you've been up all night I don't doubt you've read up on all aspects of your injury!! Hope its not a stress fracture as a friend had one, didnt have it diagnosed, ran the FLM and now hes out for 12months.

    Good luck.
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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Is it a bit late for me to ask what you've done to it....?
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I'm just off to the GP this morning. This time I've armed myself with all the bumf from the company private insurance scheme. I'm going to see if I can be referred to a specialist.

    Currently, I think it is one of the ligaments that attach the tibia to the knee - the medial something ligament. But I'm not sure now if that diagnosis is really correct.

    The background is that it started getting a bit "tender" back in the winter - it may have been as a result of twisting on some ice.

    Then I had a 20 min lactate session on a treadmill - and it felt quite sore after that. Then 5K race on the 23 Jan. It swelled a little bit after that, and as a bit sore. Then on the 1st Feb, I had a 4mile Cross country race. It got really sore after that and swelled I lot. I then accelerated by multi sport plans - switching to cycling and learning to swim (silver lining etc).

    I didn't do any running whatsoever except for a 15 min run on Treadmill, and an easy 5 mile run to collect my new bike until 29th March, when I did a 10K road race. Still a bit sore afterwards - but not too bad. Left it a fortnight. By this stage, doing a fair bit of cycling - no probs. Plus lots of work on quads (strengthening and stretching), plus glutes and adductors (hip strength may be an issue).

    I had four or five sessions of physio after 1st Feb - which didn't really do too much - but I was already doing the right sort of exercises etc. and was well informed. This is where the ligament injury diagnosis comes from. Had some ultrasound.

    This Saturday, in preparation for my first multi-sport event (Duathlon on the 19th), I did a 5K run - the idea was to follow it with a cycle ride in the afternoon. The run was relativly easy - at about tempo pace - the idea being to practice the first run of the duathlon - not going too fast and leaving some energy behind.

    But afterwards it was clear that the knee was too sore. Decided that any more exercise would be following. Did have a walk in the afternoon - only a gentle one with the puppy.

    But in the night it swelled up like a balloon. I've taken some photos and am wondering whether to post them here in a thread called "injury porn". As it looks pretty revolting. I have about 10 degrees of movement in the joint, and can't even drive, let alone walk.

    Went to give blood platelets yesterday (I do like to treat myself on a bank holiday monday) and the nurses there, although it isn't necessarily their speciality, were appalled with the state of it. I hadn't taken any pain killers because they are not compatible with the donation - and they thought I was crazy. Sigh. I've dosed myself on ibuprofen (gell and tablets now), but the swelling has hardly gone at all. It is hard to get trousers on.

    Anyway, that's the story so far. I am devasted about having to miss the event at the weekend. Was really so excited by it. But, these things are sent to try us.
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