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2XU Endurance Suit - Ooohh

My Tri Suit arrived today. I must say, I didn't know what to expect, and, after trying it on, found I was right[:)].

I've got compression tights, and a compression top or two. But this is different. Feels a lot more "compressing" and snug.

It's a medium - and probably fits OK. The chest feels a bit tighter than I expected, but not uncomfortably so.

There is a lot more padding in the seat that I was expecting - I have cycling shorts with less padding, so that is good (nether regions are still a bit tender from Sunday's long ride on the new saddle/bike).

Decided to test it out on the Turbo training (note to the world: A big undiscovered advantage of a turbo at home, compared with a bike machine at the gym, is that you can wear next to nothing! As you get the sweatiest you will ever do, outside of a sauna, this is an unexpected advantage. Unless you're doing it in the front garden of course).

It felt pretty warm after about 20 mins.

But, the whole experience of wearing it is quite something different... How shall I say this? Well, it feels more naked than naked. Let's call it "Naked Plus". I'll wear it for the race, but I would feel a bit sheepish in going out training in it! Not surprised I've never seen anyone doing that!

Side Note: The missus thought it looked OK, but a bit like a victorian bathing costume.

Anyway: Verdict: pleased so far, but will have to see what it is like in competition

@comanighttrain: I know you want to ask, but no, you can't have a picture.


  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Good to know it has decent padding, im planning on wearing one for an IM!
  • Jack,

    Might be worth having a run in it as well just to check everythings ok with it. I bought mine last year and chucked on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts over the top, whilst I trained in it.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Jack it's definately worth trying out for a run, just as conspiacytheory says stick a tshirt over it and if you're worried about the shorts a pair over them too. And also it's worth trying it on the bike a bit wet too just to see if it rubs anywhere or anything nasty. Although i have a 2xu tri short and separate top.
  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    I have just bought the 2XU ladies endurance trisuit and would day that it looks like a vivtorian bathing suit as Mrs Jack says but feels like a friendly boa constrictor. Havent trained in it yet for the same reasons as those already identified but like the notion of a tee shirt over the top (shorts I can get away with). Why didnt I think of that??
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Thanks for the tips!

    I've worn the trisuit to the Gym. Suitably camouflaged with some running gear over the top. Got a bit hot. Did a 1,000m Row, followed by a 1 mile run. Also had my running shoes on - no socks, and my new elastic lock laces. Worked a treat.

    The best bit was that I did a PB on the row - and it felt a lot easier. I put that down to the compression of the tri suit. Very impressed (I've been up since about 4am - early start to get to work, finished early so back in time to get to the gym for 8pm - so certainly not "fresh").

    However, although it is billed as an endurance suit - I'm not sure how practical it is to wear for events longer than an OD: Comfort, and "ease of access" The legs are long - the only way to have a toilet break, while maintaining civilised standards of decency, would be to take it off completely. As it is tight fitting, that is a relatively time consuming operation.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Well, it feels more naked than naked. Let's call it "Naked Plus".

    I myself often refer to 'religion-revealing lycra' but I'm sure it was the incomparable (and slightly worrying) conehead who coined the phrase 'skin-tight lycra with gender-enhancing panels'? [misquote ahoy! And apologies for any incorrect accreditation]

    Regarding toilet breaks: I always thought that it was almost accepted that in 70.3 and IM you should just pee yourself... although how could I do that to my lovely bike????

    For anything more solid, or if you can't bear to wee on your bike or trainers then I guess you just wait for the toilet cubicles (or risk a DQ in a suitably dense spot of woodland) and get naked.

    Unsurprisingly there was a thread on this some time ago. I am too scared to search for it myself as it is near bedtime and I don't want nightmares. Try searching for Ironman + toilet??
  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    I wore my 2XU endurance trisuit for the first time today for a 10k training run and I have to say it was awesome! So comfortable and NOTHING WHATSOEVER bounced in it-quite a feat when your upper proportions are consistant with normal female physiology! The whole thing cradles you when you run and the wicking properties were excellent. During the run, I brushed by hand down the front of it and it was soaking wet but my skin felt comfortably dry underneath.

    I cannot see that there would be any problem with it for a middle distance apart from the inconvenience of the whole toilet arrangement-and us girls have a lot more to flash than you blokes if we nip into the nearest bushes whilst wearing it!

    Going to try it in the pool over the next couple of days and then run straight after with it still wet to check for any chafing problems but I don't honestly think there will be.
  • With regard to wearing a Trisuit for 70.3, I am doing my first in September. I have considered the Trisuit, which I wore for some sprint races last year. The most apparent thing that comes to mind is that I'm execting to be on the bike for 2.5 - 3 hours. I dont think the chamois in the suit will be good enough to cope for this amount of time and therefore, spending an extra three or four minutes in T1 changing into a top and cycling shorts (from Wetsuit) will be far more beneficial. I think unless you're going to be in the running for a top finish then changing into something more comfortable is going to benefit over the 5-7 hours. Also, there's no issue with having to "slip" out of the Trisuit for a toilet break. And I'm definitely not going to p*ss myself whilst cycling or running. See "Caption Competition" thread for reasons not to relieve yourself whilst competing.
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