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Triathlon Swim Training, Bingley Pool, West Yorks.

I just called in at my local swimming pool to find out about swimming lessons (as I need some coaching before I can get any further towards my Triathlon ambitions) when I noticed that they are just about to start a session on Tuesday evenings (from the 20/1/09) called "Triathlon Training". As it doesn't seem to have been too well advertised, I thought I would mention it here. Talking to the guy at the counter, the idea is mainly to reserve the pool for those who want to train - with lanes where some serious sessions can be undertaken - without people getting in the way - although they hope to have someone with some coaching skills there too.

Bingley is a little pool, and under threat of closure, so it would be nice to see a different kind of use for it as local facilities are nice to have. Following on from one of the threads on here, I asked about the water temperature. It is relatively warm (approaching 30 degs.) - but they are unable to lower it, apparently. However, the local swimming club does meet and train at this pool - so it might not be too bad.

You are supposed to book in advance.. I will perhaps wander down there with a view to spectating and perhaps meeting some people. Until I can work out how to go forwards using all four limbs, I would only be getting in the way if I was to actually go in ;-)
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