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What are your goals for 2009?

I'm a strategic thinker, so I've planned my mid life crisis in some detail

1) Drop from 14.5st to 12.5st through building up general fitness

2) When target weight reached, join a running club and work towards competition, start building up cycling strength.

3) Season one: First half: running events, Second half: Cycling time. Learn to Swim

4) Season two: Enter Duathlons in first half, then enter full tri in second half

5) Season three: If all goes well, enter longer distance once.

This plan was formulated in 2007. What acutally happened: Lost more weight than I expected; joined gym and played more squash. Got injured in at end of 2007, which set back the plans. Started cycling to work, but near death experiences put me off.

Focused on Running, with just bit of cycling in 2008, mainly when inured. Entered running races and really enjoyed that. Got a bit of a thing for that, and focussed on it. But finding time for training was far harder than intended. Still struggling with injuries. Didn't join a club. Made some half hearted attempts at swimming, but with a focus on running, didn't worry about it too much.

2009 More running. Got injured. Decided the time has come for sorting out swimming. Joined a tri-club (mainly for swimming and to get appropriate affiliations for doing running/cycling). About to invest in a shiny new bicycle.

Reasonable chance of first tri this year, if I can learn swim - it will have to be something with a short swim in though. Probably a pool based swim. But March is nearly upon us...

So I am about 18 months behind my intended plan. Oh well.


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I want to finish in under three hours in the two OD races I have entered this year.

    I'm also looking forward to the sprint races I have lined up, which I now see as being not actually very far. This I think is progress as this time last year the thought of how far I would have to swim, bike and run one right after the other! at my first triathlon was quite scary.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    As it's my first season and i have trained hard I am setting my sights on a under 1 hour 30 sprint for my first TRI! It might seem like a small target to some but if you could see me swim!!!!LOL

    Looking to also knock a 10k on the head at 40 mins.

    Good luck to all with goals and desires to improve this year ir even first year!!!
  • Season 2 this year, Fitness is up and looking for a sub 2.30 O/D After last years 2hr 33min.

    Hoping to do this at South Cerny in June this being my A race this year.

    Then two other O/D races after that but they are deffinately hilly so it will be time to enjoy the scenery.
  • Season 3 this year, target to get 1 race a month all year.

    Aquathons -Jan to March

    Triathlons - April to October

    Aquathon- November to December,

    going well so far.

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    To try and recover from my injuries in time to do my 1st MD!
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    To do the London mazda Sprint in under 1 hour 30 is mine, but mainly to actually do a triathlon ... or 3
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    3rd season for me... My goals are finish top 10 at Bala Middle Distance (National Champs) and finish top 10 in Age Group and top 50 overall at the ETU Long Distance Champs in Prague this year.

    Goals for 2010 - do a sub 10hr IM
  • This is my second season, did 2 pool based sprint Tri's last year.

    Was originally going to ramp up swimming over the winter and try to move up to OD this year. Well, I haven't done much swimming over the winter and in looking to do an OD event they all seem to clash with holidays or family events so I'm going to stick to the pool based events this year. Must get OD in diary early for next year! Still want to cut 400m time to 7.15 mins.

    Have done much more running over the winter and goals are do first 1/2 marathon, tackling the Berko 1/2 this Sunday, and get my 10k down to 43 mins. This could be a stretch as I've go slower as I've gone longer over the winter, I hope the speed returns.....and them some.

    Have opted to git in a couple of long rides, longest is the Ride to the Horns which is 90 miles. So goal is to build stamina rather than focus on times.

    Looking forward to trhe new season, especially as the rising temperatures, and no snow, are making training more enjoyable.

  • eamonneamonn Posts: 30
    Having done two seasons of sprint and olympic I am thinking of doing a half ironman. The Eireman festival in Wexford looks good with olympic,half and full ironman races.

    And it`s at the end of August so there`s all season to prepare for it.

    Also doing a half marathon in May.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Trying to keep on beating my 2 rivals (aka very good friends) in oly distance races, with better times of course.

    Stepping up from oly to my first HIM, hopefully in a respectable time of 5.15hr.

    Main goal: Stay injury free!!!!
  • I want to finish the Ironman I've signed up for in July.

    That's it. Just finish. If I do it, I'll work on bettering my time the next one I do.
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