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what's on your head?

Hi folks

Doing the London Tri olympic (Tri-ing virgin) and was wondering what you wear on you head during the swim?

Thanks in advance



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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    This is an easy one: wear the swim cap they send you in the post just before the event, otherwise you'll be disqualified. [:D]

    Being a bit more helpful: many people (not including me) wear a second swim cap underneath, and put their goggles in between the two to make them a bit more secure. It helps when you get the inevitable elbow / foot / knee / whatever in the face during the start. If you have a favourite swim hat that you know fits you perfectly you might want to try this.

    And remember, kids, whatever you do make sure that race day is not the first time you try it.
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