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Frozen cheeks

Been out for a frosty riverside 10k early this morning. As ever, it took a few minutes to get up to temperature, but once I'd got going it was great.

When I got back into the warmth of my house at the end of the run, though, my cheeks (the ones on my face!) suddenly became really sore. Well, it was more the skin just below my eye sockets. It felt like some kind of rash. I can only imagine it was the early stages of a chilblain.

Not a major issue, as it had gone within 10 minutes, but just wondered if anyone had any suggestions – apart from dressing up in a paramilitary-style balaclava!

Would a bit of pre-run vaseline on my skin do the trick?


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    to be short: yes it would! (isn't life easy!!?[:D]).
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    Yup. Vaseline before, cup of tea afterwards.

    It's bizarre running in this weather though. Ran with my training partner yesterday and at the end he turned round to look at me and started laughing. Turned out my sweat had seeped through my hat and turned to frost. I have the first woolen cap that needs de-icing.

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