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Hell of the Ashdown

Hi everybody.

I've spent a few hours today in beautiful Kent and East Sussex, doing the route of the Hell of the Ashdown sportive (http://www.hell.gb.com/).

Entries for the sportive sold out ages ago, but this is a cracking training ride for anyone anywhere near the south east of London. Can't recommend it enough – there are so many tough climbs. I thought all the hills in this country were up north!! The scenery is sensational and the sight of the many billionaires' mansions seems to ease the pain.

Anyone who has got an entry for this event, though, here's a word of warning. I set off at about 9am, and there was loads and loads of ice about. Really treacherous. If it's like this on the day, there could be carnage.

After all that, I'm now trying to persuade my legs that an early Sunday morning 1500m swim/10k brick would be a good idea. They don't seem interested.


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    I'm doing this next week setting off at 0930.

    I too was out riding in Kent in the icy conditions and came acropper along the pilgrims way near boxley.

    had a car behind me when my my bike just went from under me, no time to react and smashed my hip before careering down the icy road on my butt. All I could think of was please dont run me over.

    when i picked my self up in pain, the woman in the car who thankfully managed to stop said to me "Be careful, it's slippery along here" No sh*t sherlock!!

    Got massive swelling and bruised hip. Can't do my 75 min run today, but hope all ok by next week.

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