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Events in 2009


Newbie here. Like to say hello.

I'm just getting into triathlon. Done a bit of running in the past, few half-marathons.

I've signed up to do the Edinburgh marathon in May next year.

My running is fine(need to up the speed, 10K- 42 mins), swimming technique is OK, but again could speed it up (1500m - 30mins), but I haven't cycled since I was a boy (too long ago), so I want to concentrate on that (I've been doing a 10 mile quite hilly loop in about 40 mins).

The question I have is where do I find out about triathlon events in 2009? I would like to make a training/event plan, but all the websites I've found seem to only show 2008 events. I would prefer reasonably local events, olympic sprint/olympic distance. I live just outside Glasgow btw.

Any info. much appreciated.


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