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Hi all

Ist Tri event ever is olympic London this august.

I have it in my head that I would love to do it in 3 hrs.

At the moment I swim at 30 -35 mins bike at 1hr 40 run at run at about 55mins.

I am determined to reduce the bike and run times and hopefully on race day adrenalin will have a big part to play.

Can anybody tell me what their 1st times were or what they are aiming for now?

Am i being completely unrealistic?

Here's hoping



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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    Have been doing sprints so far and have my first Olympic on the 13th on Portland, very hilly but my aim is for sub 3hr. Depending on what we call heart attack hill does to me which is immediatley as you come out of T1.[:-]
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I did two last year.

    The first was Norwich Tri. However I had just got back from Glastonbury a few days earlier, and it just about killed me.

    Cant remember break downs but it was something like 32mins swim, 1:30 bike, and 1:10 run. I know this doesnt add up, but my overall time was 3:17

    London Tri was a lot better. Maybe because of no Glastonbury, the gorgeous weather, the atmosphere, and an easier course.

    My overall was 2:49. Not sure break down times.

    So for you to go under 3hours is a good realistic time. However if you were not able to do this. It is your first time.

    for Norwich Tri I am going for 2:45, and london under 2:40 this year.

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    trijunkerstrijunkers Posts: 55
    This is my first year of triathlons having begun my "proper" training in january. I've done 3 sprints so far and the big one is the london tri. Times have been coming down and with a full july of training and no events I've got a time in my head to aim for at London which is 3 hours. Anything under this and I'll be ecstatic! I think you should be able to aim for 3hrs laright mate. It's important to have a target that you feel is a stretch. It's just you against the closk - no one else and you might even surprise yourself. Go for it!!
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    The first one I did I aimed at sub 3-hours.I got it in 2.52 hours, so [:D].

    Pinched off time in every race, little by little, so my last one last year was 2.31 hours.

    Had a good base on the bike this year(which is my weakest discipline) and am getting faster on that a lot now. So now I'm aiming at 2.20-2.25 hours[8D]. Hope I get it.

    Focus in base on your weaknesses[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m8.gif[/image]
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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
    Hello! My first Olympic race was London two years ago and posted a reasonable 2:42 and a bit. Swim was 00:27, Bike 1:10, Run 0:58 plus transition times. I blew up on the run though, and was doing the classic walk-run scenario that I now adorn every race to make sure I take on some fluid.

    Raced it again last year and hit 2:27, hoping to hit sub 2:20 this year but going to be very tight!

    Set yourself a target, but alter it as you race. I find it works great for me. If I have a good swim, then take a couple off. If my bike is flying or dropping off, then adjust my finish time. Breaking it down into 3 small battles, can help to achieve that big time goal.
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