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My first road bike experience!

Well I've just been out on my new bike (see new bike new turbo post!) and all I can say is wow!

Its my first road bike as I ride a Hybrid everyday to the station and it just feels so quick! I got home early and decided to take it for a spin, there is a 10 mile TT route that someone posted on mapmyride so decided to loosely follow that, Bit wobly at first, turning was cautious to say the least, but I got into the swing of using the handle bar 'hoods' quite quickly and it was so much more comfy than I expected! The route started out quiet but steadily got busier, looking over my shoulder to keep my eye on who was behind me was a bit shaky at first but made sure I made myself big and gave early signals and lane changes. Was a bit apprehensive about the car drivers after having heard lots of stories but to be fair to the people of Harlow almost everyone gave me enough room when passing, the only blemishes were a BMW revving to go at a roundabout and quite confusingly a jeep. He moved out to overtake just as we came to a traffic road narrowing thingy so moved back behind , I gave him a thumbs up in thanks but think I got 'the finger' in return. No pleasing some people! Overall though everyone shared the road well. Must be those Olympic cyclists raising the profile of people on bikes!

Saw one other cyclist on the road, gave him a wave but he didnt seem interested, obviously the 'runners nod' doesnt transend into cycling.

The 10 miles was up before I'd even realised it, enjoyed it so much I decided to go round again!! Took in 20mph, 30mph, 40mph 50mph and 60mph roads, big scary round-abouts (where I only turned left) and even some random belgium parve paving the council have put in (what the hell are the thinking!). At about 15miles I started to feel it a bit and was thankful for the cycle shop throwing in some padded boxer shorts!

I do feel that now I'm a 'road cyclist' I can comment on one thing........ POTHOLES! Oh my god its like the third world around my town! I always nodded along with 'potholes are bad etc etc' but now I TOTALLY understand!!!

In all it was fantastic and I cant wait to get out again! Shame my hybrid is going to feel like a dog on monday, but all good for the leg muscles I suppose

(sorry for the about nothing thread! just still have the traffic adrenalin flowing I think!!)


  • welcome to the club.

    the runner's nod does extend to cycling, and i would certainly nod back so don't be disheartened - he was probably an arrogant git!

    definately better to nod than wave at 30mph though - wobble wobble crash snap!

  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Good report MW83!

    The "nod" most certainly does extend to cyclists, as it does for Walker and runners. You have to appear "proper" of course!

    TT courses are built for speed - not a nice ride. There is a marketplace in TT events - only one person can win, so the main motivation is to get a fast time - so the people will choose the fastest routes. The fastest routes are usually on flat but nasty busy roads - a continual stream of HGVs going at 50mph will just suck you along!

    Glad you've had a good time.
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