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What do you wear?

Hi all

I am doing my 1st (london olympic) and am getting ready to buy a wetsuit etc.

However what do most people wear under their wetsuit in preparation for the cycle, then what do you wear for the run?

At the moment i am training in my cycling shorts (when cycling) but as they feel like wearing a huge nappy i can't imagine wearing them under my suit then cycling and then running in them!

Please help.



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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    A trisuit or seperate tri specific tops adn shorts are the norm


    Available form loads of differents palces - but get one quick so you get used to it in training before racing in it
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    tony btony b Posts: 57
    Tri suits (one or two piece) are quite thin and dry very quickly. By the time you've turned the pedals a few times you won't be aware that you were recently soaked (unless it's raining - talking of which, did anyone do the Exe Valley Tri last year?). Also, you won't feel like you've got a nappy on, as the padding is quite a bit less than a trad cycling short, so that they don't behave like a sponge. This is where it helps to have found a comfortable saddle as you don't get a lot of cushioning in a tri suit. So long as they fit well, they're fine to run in too. Front zips a re good if it's hot, but some ride up the leg in the run, so get one with leg grippers that actually work i.e run around in the shop to check! Look for pockets too; depending on how much you want to put in them, they don't take much to fill
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