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weekend riding dartmoor

I'm going camping with my girlfriend in Dartmoor for a long weekend- 3rd april , going to be riding a few miles, on the sat and sunday.

anybody got any ideas for scenic routes or fancy joining us? we wont be racing around, its more of a leisurely ride and getting time in the saddle

Cheers : )


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    Hi Puddles. You could pick up some of the Devon coast to coast route.




    I've read about this before, and it sounds great. Never got round to it, though. Other side of the country to me.
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    puddlespuddles Posts: 37
    Thanks for that : )

    I'll post a reply on what we do. Mayb do the coast to coast.

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    graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Hi Puddles,

    To be honest all the roads on Dartmoor are pretty senic, But the one from Bovey Tracy to Princetown, stopping at either Two bridges or Plume of feathers(in Princetown) for a bit to eat and a drink would be great.

    I live in Plymouth and when the weather gets better it one of my routes - 50 mile round trip.

    Then if you want to go further keep on going from princetown into yelverton and then into Tavistock (another drink!) then go through Tavi and on the way out (A386) there is a big right turn back onto the moors with a big climb and this road meeets up with the junction at two bridges. then follow back to Bovey Tracy.

    If you look on Google maps its the road that runs through the moor on the lower third of the map.

    PM me closer to the time And I might join you!

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