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Heart rate moniter for training?

I'm lookin to get a hrm- dont want anythin too technical or expensive as i dont really no what i'm doing. Has anyone got a Polar F6 or reccommendations for about that price range? Or any links/info on training at specific heart rates? I've looked through the forum and found a bit but every little helps.



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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    HI puddles

    try looking on amazon ive just bought a garmin forerunner 50 with heart rate monitor for £27.99 (NEW) and added the cadence and foot pod via ebay for another £40.(2nd hand)

    it hasnt got all the bells and whistles but its got most of them, very easy to upload data to your puter and you can make some lovely graphs.

    hope thats some help

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