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first timer on sunday5th oct!!!!!

me an my girlfriend r competing in the staford opon avon sprint tri sunday 5th oct was just after any tips and info would b very gratefull[:)]


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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Couple of things from me:

    - Practice some transitions - set up in the garden or front room whatever and practice what you'll do. Type in transitions on you tube and you can watch some examples

    - Get a tri belt - a very good use of £5 otherwise you'll have to have your number on the back for the cycle and have to switch to the front for the run - a pain and mega wasted transition time with safety pins. One event i did gave 2 numbers so was not a problem but for all the others i've only ever had one. (Unless you do a MIG event @ Stockton Triathlon they gave free tri belts in you goody bag!)

    - Create a check list of what you'll need on the day e.g. safety pins goggles, drinks etc. and check it before you leave - one less thing to worry about - i still use it

    - If its close - go check out the course
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    TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Don't get too excited and burn yourself out on the first 2 lengths of the swim leg!!!!

    have fun
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    MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Echo the above. Specifically for Stratford, the swim is a bit of a bun-fight as they set you off at ~10sec intervals and you swim 12 lengths of the pool doing 4 lengths each in the left, centre and right pool lanes. Plenty of room in the lanes to overtake / be overtaken though.

    Bike leg is on a mix of quiet country roads and slightly busier B-roads with a short uphill stint along dual carriageway about 15km in. Couple of nice downhills towards the end on the way back in to Stratford to get your legs spinning ready for the run.

    Run course is 2 laps (follow the signs!) on a mix of grass and gravel path. Gets a bit narrow at times for overtaking, but nothing too challenging.

    Plenty of photographers on the cycle & run legs so don't forget to smile! See you there (#116).
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    Number belt, elastic laces, lay your stuff out logically, relax and enjoy.
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    zoezoe Posts: 28
    They usually set the women off in the later waves- so warn your girlfriend to be really careful on the way back into stratford on the bike leg because it will be very busy and if the road is crawling (as it usually is), there is pretty much the option of squeezing up the inside or going round the outside on the wrong side of the road.

    Also, the swim in and the bike out are usually not on the same rack in transition... sounds a bit dumb, but if you rack in the row opposite the swim in, the bike could be to your left one row when you come in for T2. Its worth checking your racking both ways- and yes, this caught me out my first time at startford... oh, and that someone had racked their bike in my spot whilst i was on the bike!

    Good luck
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    AmazonAmazon Posts: 57
    I would not recommend going on the outside of the traffic, this will risk a DQ, it is against the rules of the road, and - the most important thing of all - is not safe.

    If you cross the white lines in the middle of the road, onto the wrong side of the road, on a course that is not closed to traffic, and you are seen by a marshall/umpire it will be a definate DQ, and I expect you will also get yelled at to get back to the inside!

    It's better to finish safe and well, and a little slower, than not finish or be DQ'd on your first race!

    In the future you can choose races that this will not be a problem, but I would say just go and enjoy your first event!
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    thanx for the tips...been hoping to do a tri for the past cp years but nvr got around too it only decided last week to enter..so not going for a time was just gona enjoy..also was hoping to stay with my girlfriend but r start times r 9:05&11:05 is it differant starts 4 m/f??wil keep me eye out for ye hope u hav good race..[:)]
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    thanx for all ur tips guys will let u no how it goes on sun.and weather av caught the bug!!!![:D]
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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