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Funniest book on triathlon?

Just read 'How Triathlon Ruined my life' by Darren Roberts. HILARIOUS! Bit rough round the egdes but this is a must read for everyone! Well maybe not everyone,maybe just me?! HAs anyone else read this book? It has to be the funniest book on tri going..!? And with some handy tips also, I now know I'm not going mad.


  • Hi Mommy

    yeah I've read it and loved it, check out this thread for more comments on the book


    cheers PiP
  • ram_man79ram_man79 Posts: 15
    I'll second that - and yes there's a comprehensive thread on this somewhere on the forum with nearly 3000 hits. It's transformed my outlook on training, and I'm enjoying it more! Which is what it's all about...
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Conehead wrote:

    No this isn't the funniest book in or on triathlon.

    Well fairly amusing then...

  • Yes it is! I've read it, twice. Was funnier the second time, wish I'd read it before taking up triathlon two years ago. I also bought a few copies for gifts and dished them out, this is for me the best book in/on/about triathlon.

    A real person talking about real triathlons from the perspective of 99% of participants ie non elites. And completely hilarious at the same time.

    Got my copy signed by the author at TCR, very interesting guy and replies when e-mailed, this is his website www.peakperformancefitness.org

    Not only that - but I assumed he was doing ok on his book financially until he told me at TCR that any money he would've got has been signed over to the memorial fund of one of the young athletes he worked with who was killed. Someone selling something on triathlon that doesn't involve personal gain, there's a first!

  • Conehead is being modest - unless my memory is wrong, he actually is the author of "How Triathlon ruined my life"
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