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Knee problems!!

hi there,

reading this forum on a regular basis and it seams just about all of us have knee issues! anyone want to share their experience??

here's mine

During 2007 after several months of pain up the back of my right knee and several wrong opinions on what the problem was, an MRI showed up meniscus tear. This was in June and I had a 2 month surf trip to Indonesia booked and paid for in October, was left with no option but to go private. 4 grand later the op was done, didn't run on it before the trip in october but since I got back still have pains in the knee. The pain is not as bad as it was pre-op but especially in the recovery phase its not what it used to be. Maybe I'm just getting old (27).

Anyone else sill have trouble post operations?

I'm thinking about asking for my money back!




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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Hi matey I have a similar problem with my knee, luckily my meniscal tear is in the posterior part of the meniscus so only bothers me when I have my knee fully flexed.

    The problem with the meniscus is that is practically avascular, so blood is only supplied to the outer rim of it. It receives most of its nutrition via diffusion from fluid within the knee. This means that its takes a huge amount of time for it to repair, if at all. The sad fact is that most people with suffer from a meniscal tear for a long time.

    The pain you experienced will probably be due to the piece of meniscus that is torn flapping about and getting pinched in the knee as you bend it. The operation you had therefore was probably just to either remove this flapping piece or if it was too big they may have secured it to stop the flapping!

    So therefore the pain that you are now experiencing is probably due to inflammation within the knee. This may take a long time to settle because, as I mentioned earlier, the meniscus is avascular so things happen very slowly!

    So all I can say really is that you need to give it time, I'm sorry to say that I think it could take a year or so before you are pain free, but it should gradually get better.
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    TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Cheers tommi,

    Thats the most positive advice I've had about my knee, I had just about excepted the fact that I was going to have to carry the injury for good!!

    do you take any supplments for it such as an anti-inflamitry? condrotin?

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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    well sort of yes. When my knee got really bad I started taking a cocktail for glucosamine sulphate and various fish oils. I have never been much of a one for supplementation but I did notice a marked improvement my knee, which allowed me to get back into running. It was also around the time that I gave up football, so that may have had more of an affect!

    In regards to medication I presume that you were given an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal such as diclofenac? If so this is very good at reducing inflammation. If you have only been given a pain killer such as co-codemol I would suggest going to your GP and requesting diclofenac, as what you require at the moment is an anti-inflammatory, and for musculoskeletal problems diclofenac is by far the best.
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