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Fell running??

I know this isn't a fell running forum, but after reading fell running can be a great off-season work out I gave it a go today. Covered 13 miles very hilly terrain including reaching the summit of 'Cheviot' (850-ft). Great work out very challenging and rewarding. The navigation needs a bit more work, but planning another run when my legs recover.

The question,

Any recommendations for foot wear?? I wore trainers today and they were okay because it was frosty under foot, but I did have wet feet and the grip was almost an issue.

I've seen a couple of makes solomon and mud-claw? just want something I can run in!




  • Perfect workout....

    Half marathon distance on the hills....

    This may not be a fell running forum...... But its perfect training for a race not to far from me at Dorking in Surrey.... The Box Hill Balls Buster Duathlon.....

    Have fun and keep up yhe good work....


  • GGGG Posts: 82
    Hi Neil,

    I try to do most of my running off road, prettty jealous that you have fells to run on.

    At the moment im using a pair of Brooks Cascadia. Their a great stable shoe but im not sure they would be great for running down wet rock. They are also very open and my feet get wet always.

    When the time comes to buy a new pair im going to check out the Inov8 shoes. Might be worth looking at a pair of Walsh shoes too.

    If I were you Id pop into some of your local running shops and see what they have to offer.


    ps if you ever venture down south to race a thoroughly reccomend the Clarendon Marathon.

  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    what type of shoes do you normally wear on road? I.e. make model?

    I only ask because on road I wear super lightweight running flats, saucony type A2s, and as a result when I came to buying trail shoes the only ones I really liked were the Salomon (crossmaxx or speed cross or something along those lines) A bit more pricey at about 75, but they are made of goretex I think, so are very durable, they also come ready installed with elastic laces, so you can use them for races. For me they are perfect, after trying some of my mates shoes out I would never use another type, great in all conditions and so light and fitting.

    So what I mean is that because I like light and fitting road shoes I could only have the same kind of thing for off-road. My mate has a pair of mizunos, I though they were a bit heavy and clumpy, but he wears asics, which are a little heavier and clumpy than I would wear. So do you get what I'm saying. Best thing is to go an try a few on! But I reckon the salomons are the best on offer!

  • Hi Trisurfer

    To do fell running properly you need some dedicated fell shoes, I have both Walshes and Inovs these are both very lightweight but have great grip, yes you will get your feet wet on the fells and covered in mud but thats part of the fun, I'm doing one tomorrow near Halifax, for more info go to the FRA web sight

    Have fun on the fells and happy new year

  • GGGG Posts: 82
    All this talk of fell running is getting me twitching.

    Very jealous fellas.


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    As I live in the South Pennines, it's hard to avoid fell running ;-).

    I'm in the process of looking at some off road shoes.. mainly because I need another pair as I hate having to put wet shoes on and they take too long to dry out.

    Got my eye on the Saucony Xodus.. I have some Mizuno road shoes at the moment - and their off road are also on the short list. But Santa didn't bring them.. he said I have to go to the shop and try them on.. and I haven't had a chance yet. Will be looking at some fell races in the new year to test them out.
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Cheers for all the input everyone,

    been checking the web pages of all the mentioned makes of fell trainers, I live fairly rural and there's not much option for me to go try on different shoes. Just going to have to pick a shoe and take a leap of faith.

    My ankle is still a bit aching a bit a week almost a week after the run, I'm putting this down to poor shoe choice (Asics gel kayano) my only choice!!!

    And my first time serious off-road!!

    thanks once again for all the very helpful input


    Happy new year
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