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Unbreakable series on channel 5

Any one catch Unbreakable on channel 5?

really good series, oldest guy in the comp had completed Ironman Lazarote, and completed the whole unbreakable event. I thought his self belief and determination epitomize the kind of person who competes in Ironman events.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts with you all!!!


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    Yeah, absolutely brilliant programme and very clever how they tried to break them mentally as well as physically. Dave the boxer was the biggest surprise "failure" but just goes to show how something some people would consider easy to do freaked him out - I know I would have freaked out as well with a cloth and sand over my face. Fraser has been a massive inspiration for myself as he shows that it doesn't matter how old you are you if you have the will you can do it. Well done the old boy! On another note why is it that skiers seem very fit? I remember Alan Baxter on Superstars recently kicking b*tt?!? I thought pole vaulters were the top boys such as Brian Hooper from previous years? that reminds me I was at an athletics meeting once and a guy walked past me with a long pole and I said to him "Are you a pole vaulter?" and he replied "No I am German - how did you know my name is Walter?". Bada bing.......
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    Thoroughly enjoyed the series myself.

    Was surprised at how cardiovascularly fit Matt, the rugby player was.

    Fraser did really well as did dave, especially as they were much older than the others.

    Having done some training with the u.s seals,the girl who broke during the "drownproofing" gets full marks for bottle as she was terrified of the water.

    As usual the bodybuilder turned out to be a big girl's blouse[:D]

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    Agree with both comments there,

    Love the German joke too!!

    yeah the drown proofing training looked horrible I tried it myself with some friends at Aqua training in a 3.5 meter pool and it was so hard! only did it two or three mins!!!

    great program.

    Sorry for the typo Lanzarote!
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    It was a good few years ago that i did the drownproofing, its essential to relax, easier said than done from what i remember[:D]

    We had some south african guys in the marines and they were all big strong lads

    wouldnt have enjoyed the sand covered blanket trick that much myself!!
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