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Elite ring training


Just bought a pair of these, got them hung up in the back garden! It was either £70 for 3 month membership to gym (where I only use chin up bar and dip bar) or £70 for these delivered.

Anyone got them or used them? I've found them very very hard compared to dips on solid bars!

I'm not keen on pushing weights and see these as much more fun!

May not be the standard triathlon training, but I train and compete for fitness and fun, and need something else for strength training! hoping this could be it!

any opinions?




  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    These are amazing for tri specific training, stability in shoulder joints, core strength, you can put yourself in a horizontal 'swimming' position & do core stuff for that, similarly an aero bike position & do similar work etc.
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