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Snugg wetsuuits

HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
I got myself a Snugg Slipstream made to measure having failed to get on with either Orca Speedsuits or Blue Seventy Helixes. I was slower in a wetsuit than Speedos. In them I found breathing & arm movement restricted. Clearly I don't fit into the main manufacturers anatomic design profile.

A query on the LBT club website revealed nothing but satisfied Snugg customers over many years. The local Snugg agent did the measure up & I did the bouyancy test in my local pool. Delivery took about 6 weeks. I understand they do low cost repairs & adjustments (you could change weight or bulid muscle).

My first swim (last years National relay champs) was a revelation. Breathing free & easy, arm movement is good. It is a snug rather than tight fit - with just the right amount of water entry for it to warm up. I am now faster in it than out. Like all wetsuits it needs putting on properly (see other threads).

I'm highly satisfied and can recommended it highly.


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    TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228


    There down to 4 week delivery now so a little quicker!

    good to hear some positive feedback about the suit can wait to get now and start real training my surf wetsuit ain't designed for swimming! nice and warm though!
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