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Dublin City Triathlon

Anyone heading over to Ireland to do this event on 24th August?


  • Living in Dublin myself, so don't have to travel, fortunately. I have entered the Dublin tri this year.

    Certainly not an expert on Tri events, more running...but would certainly recommend the Dublin Triathlon.

    Have done it a couple of times already, found it to be well organised and good fun. Its very central also which makes travel easier.

    If you are going to enter, I'd recommend you do it sooner rather later as it does tend to fill up. If I remember right, it may even say how many places are left on the entry page.

    Happy to answer any questions you may,


  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    This was my first ever triathlon in 2004 and it is a great event. It's well organised and the bike and run course are through Phoenix Park - beautiful for a city center event. The only down side to this course is the swim. It's in the river liffey which is not the cleanest river in a capital city in the world. That said the entry and exit is well organised and it is a quick swim. Enjoy - resist the temptation to go on batter the night before!
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