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I'm driving myself insane

Dear 220 forum

Having signed up for 3 sprints (May, June, August) and the standard distance (Bala in September) I now can't decide what to do with my training?

Should I train for a sprint distance first, then after May start training for the full distance? Or should I start training for the full distance now, and view the sprints as practice on the way?

I change my mind every day (sometimes twice a day) and I think I'm not maximising my training. I've got Joe Friels book, but it's a lot over my head at the moment... Any thoughts anyone?


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    MowfMowf Posts: 272
    I would say train for Olympic. The extra volume you will need can only help your sprint times. I think that's what the elite athletes do - and they tear it up scarily at sprint events.

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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    One of the things that Friel describes well in his books is prioritising events. If I was you I would decide which of these races means the most to you and focus on that. This could be very simply; 1st sprint= category C, 2nd sprint=category C, 3rd sprint category B, Olympic= category A.

    I would structure your training year around training for the olympic distance. Your first two sprints would be a training session/experience. For your third sprint you may want to slightly tailor your training and hope to see an improvement in performance. However the olympic distance would be the main goal.

    Obviously this is dependant on which race you choose to prioritise and this is just an example. Remember that your first season (assuming it is) is going to be about learning as you have nothing else to compare to.

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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I'd say train for Bala.

    Your year sounds quite similar to mine. I'm looking at 2 Oly races as my priorities and the sprint races as training - and fun. I know that I can complete the sprint distances - I did them OK last year and wasn't too knackered and am training more this year. So I can relax and enjoy them and try and put in a decent time without stressing about them.
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    Thanks for the advice!

    Reckon I'll concentrate on the olympic distance and as you say put less priority on the three sprints. And yes, first season definitely got a lot to learn and mustn't let myself get too carried away with worrying about times!

    And maybe I should have another crack at Joe Friels book and set my targets!

    Thanks again guys, much appreciated.
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    Agreed with all the others. I'm doing my first full Ironman in July, and using 3 Tris of different distances before then as training events... work on transition, etc...
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