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Hello All,

New member so 'hello' first of all. I've entered my first tri for next spring and am loving all the training and can't wait to compete for the first time.

Having done lots of mountian biking, I've just bought my first road bike - Specialized Tarmac Comp 09. As it comes with flat pedals and toe clips, I need to replace these with proper pedals. I blew (more than) the budget on the bike, so I want quality and price - as always. Your experience, suggestions and advice would be much appreciated!



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    I've bought a new bike a month ago and changed from look pedals (previous bike) to the newer Speedplay pedals (new bike). Took a while to get used to, but am very pleased with them now.

    I've paid 99.95€ for them, not sure how much that is in £?

  • Hi Smernicki

    I use crankbrother candy c's on both my mtb and road bike, using the same specialized mtb shoes for both bikes. Find running in/out of transition easy with the mtb shoes as the cleat is fully recessed into the sole.

    The pedals cost about £45, are quite light and are fit and forget, no fiddly release tension screws.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi again

    Just found this darn good offer: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=4967
  • Thanks fore-endy,

    Will I find the pedal thread size on my MTB and road bike to be the same then?

  • Hi

    I didn't have any problems fitting mine, I'm pretty sure the threads for pedals are universal, haven't seen different sizes when I've purchased them.

    Just make sure you put the correct pedal on the correct side, the threads are specific for left and right, It's covered in the pedal instructions anyway.

    P.S Make sure you put a dab of grease on the threads, they can be quite tricky to undo if seized!
  • Only problem I had using MTB pedals with road shoes was that the bolts for the cleats were just too short. The soles are quite thick on my road shoes and I had to hunt around to find some suitably longer replacements. As it happened, the Specialized copies of SPD pedals had long bolts so they work fine.

    The grease tip is a good one, but make sure it's copper slip grease or the bolts will just come loose on their own.

    It's also worth finding shoes first before pedals if you're going to get road shoes. They often come with Look / SPD-R fittings only but some are available with fittings for all types.

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    Buying a carbon bling bike is cheating of the highest order and a handicap will be imposed [;)]


    Oh and yes I am VERY jealous
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