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Credit Crunch DIY IM or half

Would be interested to here from anyone who has done there own IM or half IM as a few friends are considering it for next year. As much as we loved the organised events saving nearly £250 sounds good right now and getting three or four together and going for it sounds like a plan. Suggestions for swim locations welcome - Cotswold Water Park early morning is good as I've trained there but anywhere up North?.

Any thoughts welcome.

Dave C


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    Dave, I've never done one but it sounds like an excellent idea. When do entries open for this event? [:D]

    Ellerton Water Park near Scorton North Yorkshire is a popular place for swimming. A couple of laps of the surrounding area where it is flatish would be ok too - this is where the Cleveland Steelman is held. Mind you, it's £3.50 for the swim, a bit overpriced if you ask me![8|]
  • DaveCDaveC Posts: 15
    Still £246.50 to go !!! sounds good - and I like the sound of flatish..

    On a serious note I am surprised by the price of some small events, there was one near me recently that was a sprint tri and cost ~£45. Maybe I'm just being a miserable old g** bit this seems very expensive. DIY is the way to go.
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I know what you mean about the cost of events Dave. I've done quite a few this year and had to shell out a fortune - next year I'm gonna do just a few official events and maybe one big one. Still think I'll probably enter IMUK (never done it before) but you've got me thinking.
  • Over on TriTalk they have done two this season, half or full IM, based at Market Bosworth in Leics.

    TriTalk Man in May and Pick'n'Mix Man in Aug.

  • Hi been reading this one.Sounds like a good thing to do.I am doing Switzerland in July cost is silly but already entered.We have access to a large lake crystal clean water.Swimming round the lake is longer than Ironman swim.The roads are pretty much flat.We have already done a club tri at the venue went well.We would be willing to arrange a training ironman at the end of the summer but only small number and all insuredThere is about 10 of us .We could keep the cost down to under £30 this would include T/shirt with the event printed on.Got to be small numbers and will be a training Ironman distance.
  • DaveCDaveC Posts: 15
    Sounding better by the day, I would be interested for one. Had a mail through from IM that they are not holding IMUK at Sherbourne next year so you better be careful, you could have a lot of takers. How did you go for drink and food when you did it last year?

    Dave C
  • DaveCDaveC Posts: 15
    Some of those postings are great and seem to catch the spirit of the whole thing. I live in the Peaks and am thinking that some of the old rail routes like the Tissington trail etc would be a great place to finish the bike and do the run. Think I'll be getting the maps out tonight and sketch out some runs. Carsington water could be a good swim venue.

  • DaveCDaveC Posts: 15
    Just looked at IM 2008 - £280 - definitely giving it a miss I'm afraid. If you see a lone cyclist looking Kna***** its me doing my own - the grin will be me thinking of the money I saved. That said - would love to do it again.

    Good luck to all of you that do. Have a great day in Bolton.

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    280£ ?????

    One can buy a good wetsuit with that kind of money!![>:]

    I realise the organisation of an IM costs money, but 280?

    Looking at doing half distance next year, but due torediculous high entry fees,I've been looking at races that are not wearing the IM dot label: 50-60€ entry fee;thats about 45£.

    Where goes the extra money??
  • £280.....

    Now what is that per mile travelled....

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