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integrated hrm / bike compu system for triathlon

Hi all,

Just signed up because of a specific question I have: does anyone know of a heart rate monitor system out there that really combines all the needs of a triathlete? What I'm thinking of is a combination of wristwatch and bike computer that function together, so that you can wear the watch throughout but also have a monitor for on the bike that provides bike data but also heart rate data.

Or are we stuck with having to buy separate hrm and bike computer, and having to look at our wristwatch to get heart rate data during events? There must be a better solution. And if not, race you to the patent office...




  • I wanted the same functionality when I started training for my first Ironman back in 2006.

    At the time there was a bit less choice and I opted for the Polar CS100CAD giving full wireless speed and cadence on the bike while the RS200SD gives full HRM with the addaition of the footpod to assess your speed and distance in training. At the time only the RS200SD came with the chest strap for HRM but was compatible with the CS100CAD and worked together fine. The same units are still available but I otice that the CS100 and CS100CAD both now come with the chest strap as well so you would be paying more but getting a spare.

    Your going to be looking from about £140 to £180 depending on having cadence and the footpod but you would get £30 worth of spare chest unit. See links below.

    Although I haven't looked into it Polar have changed their range quite a bit since then so there may be another alternative. Maybe drop them a line, they were quite helpfull when I contacted them:


    Polar CS100CAD bike computer with cadence ([color=#ff0000]now with HR [/color][color=#ff0000]unit[/color]).


    Polar RS200SD heart rate monitor with footpod.


    Forgot to also say that you can get spare speed sensor, cadence sensor and bar mount if you are running a second bike so you can set up your race bike and training one too.
  • jjf99jjf99 Posts: 5
    Thanks! Very helpful. I've emailed polar, see what they say.

    Polar's top of the range running models can't be used for swimming as they don't transmit under water. So I'm likely to go for the RS400sd or the 625x (both incl footpod). No need to go for the 725x as that only seems to have bike features in addition to the 625x. And I'm looking for a separate monitor on the bike...

    As far as cycling compus are concerned, the top model CS600 again uses this non-swim transmitter belt, so it would have to be the CS400 bike compu.

    Does anyone have experience with these models? It will set me back a bit more than the £180 that you estimated...

    Also, does anyone have experience with combined set-ups for other brands? E.g. Garmin Forerunner + Edge? Or Suunto?



  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Ive got a cateye V3.Its absolutly brilliant.
  • I expect it is TTX PRO but it wont solve the issue of swim / bike / run compatability.

    Now thats pushing the boat out Jaap.

    Those models I quoted are still available you know and to be honest your not guna get much more for your money on the newer models, I get all the info I need from mine. Functionalilty vs cost, theres almost enough difference there for entry fees to a few avents next year.
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I currently have a Garmin 305 which is great for running and cycling, but rubbish for swimming (not being that waterproof, and being the size of a boat) I'd love to have a single device that for training I can link to a GPS but when racing wear for the entire race. I've just been given a polar CS600 (the person who owned purchased in error and didn't feel the need to send it back) which got back to thinking about Polar.

    I use to have the 625 which was a good device, but lacked GPS, now there is the GPS module.... and the FT80G1 looks like it might fit the bill or maybe the RS800CX
  • jjf99jjf99 Posts: 5
    True; will certainly consider the more sensibly priced options. Thanks!

  • jjf99jjf99 Posts: 5
    Thanks. The problem with Polar's CS600 and the RS800CX is that they both have these new WIND transmitters, which don't work under water. And I'm not going to do my events with two belts on...

    Can see the benefit of GPS as it measures the swim as well, but from what I read the footpods work alright and at least keep working all the time.
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