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Club Advice for a Novice

Just finished my first Tri at Roade in 01:19 which I was quite pleased about given the fact that at the beginning of the year I was a portly 15 stone with a 38 inch waist - and frankly I am just hooked.

So - now - obviously I was thinking of joining a club. The trouble is - I work in London and live in Rushden (near Northampton) - and dont get home until late most evenings.

Are there any internet based Tri clubs, or are there any in Northants/Beds that wouldnt mind if I could only turn up occasionally to the swim session etc?

Other advice for a numpty starter all appreciated...


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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Hello mate,

    One of my best mates is a member of Northants Tri, really good bunch, I'm sure they wouldn't mind you only training occasionally, nor should any decent tri club for that matter.

    Hope that helps

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Altho I have no direct experience of clubs local to your work or home, I would suggest that most clubs have a good internet base & won't get sniffy if you can't make all the sessions. I have never yet made a Mon or Wed run..I work late both evenings, I occasionally show up for a Sun swim, but do get to Sat runs quite often & alternate Sun rides as I work again, but am seen as a full & participating member, either that or they are all fibbing to me & being nice.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Same thing here, I'm a member, but I estimate I go to approx 10-15 club trainings a year.

    I do use the extra club priveleges though, such as the 6am member only swimlanes, which are populated with co-members.

    A lot of advantages to a club, even if you can't do the group trainings.

    I'd say join one and see for a year. I'm sure it will do you good!
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