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London swim trainng suggestions?

Hi, I've just signed up to next year's London Triathlona nad want to learn how to swim properly. I've basically not swum since I was a boy and was pretty useless then, so reckon I should probably start trying to sort it out early....

Any ideas on good places in London (I live quite centrally)to learn swimming, and do you think it's worth getting any individual lessons? (looks pricey). Or do they have lessons at tri clubs? I should be ok on the run and bike but currently find the idea of swimming 1500m at any speed pretty scary!!




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    There are dozens of swimming pools in Central London, a quick google search will bring up everything you need. Buy a copy of 'Total Immersion' and first learn to float better and then to front crawl, after that you could try some lessons for better technique and really work on gradually building up your endurance capacity (i.e. to swim without having to stop and recover every 4 lengths). You've got plenty of time, just remember at some point to get into open water in a wetsuit since that's a big scary step but it's amazing how quick you can get comfortable with it. Try www.openwaterswimming.co.uk

    Good luck

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    I'm going on a weekend course with www.swimfortri.com this weekend. Will post a reply next week and let you know my thoughts.
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    I was in the same position as you earlier this year.

    I got some lessons at my local pool. 1-1 with 'the woman that takes all the swim classes'. £15 for 30 minutes.[;)]

    Well worth it, as swimming had moved on a bit in the 25 years since I'd last had a lesson![:D]

    I'd suggest getting a couple of lessons to get the basics of your stroke sorted and learn some drills, then go off and practise.

    There's so many books and articles on swim technique that you can overload yourself, unless you have the basics down.

    6 months on and with 5 Sprint triathlons under my belt, I've now joined a Triathlon club and realise that I still have a l-o-o-ong way to go![;)]

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    After finishing my swimfortri weekend course at Canary Wharf (using endless pool) can't praise it enough. They use a number of cameras above and below water to capture your stroke and to show you how to perform drills correctly. The benefit of being able to see the footage immediately after is extremely helpful.

    Small place but great facilities, and with only four of us on the course we had plenty of time in the water.

    They do a few locations around london and lots of different sessions so should be something to suit. Advert over. Looking forward to practising my drills in the local pool now, rather than self conscious of looking like an idiot as I doggy paddle a length! Sure I'll still look like an idiot, but just won't give a ****!
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    NoosaNoosa Posts: 3
    Hi Sam

    Check out Bram Montgomery (swimfortri) at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane or Ray out in Canary Wharf. Both guys are excellent.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    If you really want to prepare for the London Tri then you should also tip a few bags of compost into the pool, pour some diesel or aviation fuel in and have somebody throw dead rats at you.

    Also get a training partner to punch you repeatedly in the back of the head while you swim.

    Joking. I love the London Tri. Enjoy your training!

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