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calf injury

Hi all

I've recently become hooked on triathlon, completed my first one at the north west tri - what a buzz[:D]

Unfortunately i'm in need of some advice regarding my calf injury.

Around a month ago i got a bad strain in my left gastrocnimeus(not sure of the spelling[:D]) After it had healed i went for some gait analysis,i knew i over pronated anyway,so was advised on a pair of new balance to counter this. All was fine till saturday and almost at the exact same spot(approx 3 miles) i get the same injury but in my right calf!

I would appreciate any advice from anyone on the subject.

Many thanks



  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
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  • Hi Jack

    Thanks for the advice,and knowing i'm not alone[:D]

    I dont stretch as much as i should either.

    I've not long been back into the running,as ive been a serious "gym head" for quite a while.

    I think it must be age related (im 41) because i was in the Royal Marines in my early 20's and never suffered from injury despite running twice a day at times.

    I've just been recommended a physio who has a running/cycling background, so i'll give him a try.

    At least i can devote time to improving my swimming, managed to knock 12mins off my mile time in 4 weeks.

    Best of luck with your training


    I'm a big fan of rowing myself, usually before or after, never during[:D]

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