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garmin forerunner 205/305

Hi guys and gals,

I have recently considered buying a cycle computer as well as a speed and distance watch for running and realise that I am better off with one that does both. I have looked at the 205 and 305 and both look pretty good. The only real difference appears to be that the 205 does not work with the bike specific speed and cadence device.

I guess what I am really wondering is does this really matter. What is the 205 like without it? Does anybody have exerpience of both? Is there a dramatic difference in the information given by the 305 owing to the speed/cadence device?

I'd greatly appreciate any input people have on it.




  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    Depends on how you will train or ride. The more data you can collect during a workout the more close you can pin point your performance and its progression.

    Once you have trained with the devices you'll eventually know that at x speed, x caedence and x heart rate you can go for x amount of time. Hope this makes sense....basically the more the better IMO with training CPU's
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I have the edge and also the 305, I never use the edge, and just use the 305 for all my training and also the bike / run bits of my racing... once setup it's great, and I love the wealth of data (but then I'm a geek!)
  • Hey Sam,

    I recently bought the 305 and have been very impressed. As noted before, a wealth of data. Not really sure how to use it effectively, but it makes for interesting reading and good for comparing your progress.

    I bought my garmin in the states. not much difference in price actually. I did have a problem with the cadence sensor, sent it off, received replacement very quickly. Good after sales.

    You may want to do some more research as i believe there is a successor to the 305 coming out very soon and it could be better again.

    Good luck!


  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Yep, the amazingly named... erm.. 405! (Bet look their marketing teams weeks of brain storming to come up with that one). Had a look at one the other week. It's not as bulky as the 205 and 305, more watch shaped like their Forerunner 50, and meat to have better satellite reception. Not too shabbily priced either starting at £229. I want one[:D]
  • dttridttri Posts: 11
    I am building up my training at the moment using HR as my main reference with a 305. Whilst I love the geekery both during and after, I am slightly disappointed by the size of the HR display in the top right of a reatively large screen area. That said I do like it, don't be put off by its size. As said above though, the 405 is about, it's smaller and if the HR display is better I would get one straight away...if I didn't have a list as long as my arm of new things I would like.

    As an aside, If you do get a Garmin don't limit yourself to their proprietry software, there is some very good free shareware online that does a better job.
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I think I read that you can change the size of the HR on the screen... dont know how but im sure I read that on here somewhere! anyone know?
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    So where would one go to find previously mentioned freeware?
  • dttridttri Posts: 11
    The software I use comes from Zone five software and it's called Sport Tracks. This software will download the appropriate google earth pictures etc for your workout. A lot more malleable than the distributed software for each workout in terms of the graphs that can be produced etc.

    Forget what I said about the HR size on the 305, having looked at the settings on the unit it is quite easy to change, just don't bother looking in the manual.
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