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swim paddle suggestions

Hi All

Can anyone recommend a good set of swim paddles?

I've just been looking at wiggle's site, and there are a few variations.

Also a few ideas for workouts with them would be great




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    woodywoody Posts: 52
    I use these http://www.mailsports.co.uk/accessories/training_aids/product~1402

    my swim instructor thinks they are the best that she has seen.

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    Thanks woody

    They're the ones i liked the look of on the site, so more money to wiggle[:D]

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    A small tip for the use of paddles:

    Remove the wrist strap and use them without it. This way you'll get the 'feel' for the water, you'll learn to get hold of it by doing the correct movements. If you do a wrong move, you'll definately feel the paddle going everywhere, do it right and the paddle will stick on to your hand.

    Loosen the strap a bit more every time if you are uncertain, you'll get rid of it after 3 sessions max.
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    Thanks for that tip, Benny...

    One thing about paddles that I've run into is that my local swimming pool won't let me use them!

    One night I had a "lifeguard" running along the side of the pool getting me to stop. He told me the paddles "look very big" and were, "obviously", "sharp". I got into a discussion with him and got him to check with his supervisor who agreed paddles were dangerous!

    I've swapped to another pool now, and have used them once with no complaints, but I'm nervous now each time I get them out...

    Obviously, it's sensible not to use them if the pool's crowded, but on a lanes swimming session when there's two or three other swimmers and plenty of space (this pool uses lanes about 3-5 meters wide) I can't see how paddles are a life-threatening peril!

    Apart from bemoaning our very British safety-first culture, the point I'm making is that you should check to see if you can use paddles at your pool before you buy them!

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    If they forbid the use of those darn lethal paddles, they probably will frawn upon those vicious killers called '[color=#cc0000]FINS[/color][color=#000000]' too.[/color]

    Leave that pool and never go back, they probably won't let you do dangerous moves like swimming with your head under water and other life-threatening acrobacy!!!

    No serious swimming allowed, will hold you back, there ought to be a decent pool somewhere in your neighboorhood.
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    AgnessAgness Posts: 27
    Asked at my pool today re- fins def won't allow em. Following Don Finks swim drills & he suggests fins, but does not advocte paddles.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    No fins. No paddles..city wide, so I cannot leave that pool & never go back, however aquasphere do neoprene webbed gloves that fulfill the same function & have no pinty sharpy bits to tee off othere swimmers, lifeguards, pool managers etc. Not got a solution to the fin thing apart from designated club sessions.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    options:-endless pool or similar (for the richer ones)[&o]

    -Open water swimming (for the hotter ones)[&:]

    -stop to train swimming(for the non-triathlete ones)[8D]
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    Thanks for the tip Benny, about taking the wrist strap off the paddles

    Two sessions in and my stroke is much better [:)]

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Undoing the wrist strap really helps you learn to finish your stroke off correctly.

    When you've got that sorted, undo the finger strap instead. This helps you get your hand entry and glide perfect (so my coach says).

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