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Poorly Knee

Hi All,

I was a bit of an idiot this weekend and came flying off my bike at high speed - cue nasty bruising down my right side, bruised ribs, sore right arm I can't lift fully and a throbbing, purple knee with no skin on it. Should I be really good and lay off the training for a bit or am I being over cautious? I am really struggling to walk up stairs and get in and out of cars at the moment due to the swelling....I really need to justify time off from training!

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks all,



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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    You need to justify time off when you can't climb stairs or out of a car?...you need the rest, trust me you need the rest!

    Add in that it is October...repeat..October, no prizes for being the fastes/best trained/over trained in October (well a few, but not so much) a rest/recouperate/recover now is worth much time & training come the New Year/spring. Really..enjoy your time.
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    Lucy, We all wish you the best in your recovery. Take the advice and lay off (I guess that you knew that though). At least you now have plenty of time to consider the many different ways to store a wetsuit for the winter [;)]

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    Thank you guys....you know what it's like - you know what you should be doing but sometimes you just need to be told it's OK to do it!

    And thanks all for the advice on the wetsuit too......that's on my list of things to do this weekend. I won't be joining the nutters who swim throughout the winter - I have enough problems with not feeling my hands and feet when I get out the water in the summer!!!

    Have a good one

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