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open water swimming

Hi Guys,

Am starting to think about open water swim training now....anyone know of anywhere to do this in the Harlow area. Come to think of it anyone know of any decent indoor pools in the Harlow area....??!! Thanks, L


  • Roydon Mill is your nearest lake, swims where on a tuesday night last year, i guess they won't start until early may !!
  • PatchPatch Posts: 11
    Take a look at the Born 2 Tri website. They are based in Braintree and offer open water swimming sessions to all at Gosfield Lakes.

    I shall be there, once it warms up a bit!!!
  • Thansk Guys. Kind of what I thought. I am familiar with Heron Lake as that was my haunt last year but will ahve a look at the Braintree/Royden Mill ones. Loving the comment about Harlow Conehead, so wrong but unfortunately so very very right........!
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