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Broken toe

I just broke my little toe -fortunately just after I had completed my first tri!

Any views on how long I should wait before returning to training. I'm hoping I can progressively start with swimming, then biking and finally running. The A&E doctor I saw said about 6 weeks for running, but I hope I can get back in the pool before then.

The fracture was at the base of the toe, and was uncomplicated. The cause -living room furniture!



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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    How much does it hurt & how much can you endure? As a non medic (Tommy?) I would say swimming would be OK, cycling OK, provided you protect as much as poss..ie if the pool is busy I would defer to avoid contact likely to result in cries of anguish &/or fist fights with the contactor from the contactee.
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