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Bala or Tatton Park?

I'm planning races for the summer and am looking at either the Bala Tri (which is OD) or the OD version of Tatton Park in September.

Both are similar distances from me and both cost the same (though I think Tatton sting you for an admin fee).

Anyone done either or both and have any views about them?

If I can persuade anyone to come and watch me, do there close Tatton Park and the normal attractions there or are they still open? Likewise what is there to do in Bala? I recall the lake being very pretty but not much else. Apparently for the spectator watching the start is fun and watching me gasp across the finish line is amusing but the bit in between (which is going to be three hours) is "boring"!

Any thoughts appreciated.


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    I did Tatton last year, very well run, and this years should be bigger (I think it might be over 2 days this year).

    Last year, it was a register the day before, which is a pain if your not local. You could get a car into the venue, so if anyone wants to accompany you in they should be able to (though they wont get the pass into all areas of the park and house).

    The bike leg gets out of the park onto local roads (at least it did last year, so there are always chance to watch you come past at some point (though the best spots are obviously in the park).

    For those watching, take a picnic and pray for good weather, we had a great day out last year, and lounged in the only bits of sun I seemed to see all year.
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    Hi Jules.

    Haven't done either of these tris, but Bala is the most stunning location. Pretty little town, some lovely roads, scenery and walking country nearby to keep your fans amused, plus a great white water rafting centre just up the road. Not the most happening place in the world, but not bad for outdoor types.

    As for the race itself, whichever way you head out of Bala seems to be uphill, so I reckon the bike and run courses are probably quite tough.

    Anyone who's actually competed here may be able to set me straight.
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    Tatton is quite a stunningly beautiful estate

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