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Women's tri suits, any advice??

I've just signed up for my first sprint tri at Wood Hall Spa in May and I'm considering buying a tri suit as I think it will save time changing etc. can anyone advise me which one to buy, I also feel I need a bra built in too. Not sure really any help!!


  • hi i don't actually own a tri suit but was looking for one recently and came across trigirl who do u guessed it womens only trisuits so they mite be a good place to start, dunno if they do built in bras.merry xmas
  • mkamka Posts: 26
    I have the 2XU Womens Endurance Tri Suit & it's great - it has rear pockets and a built in bra. Definitely worth a go.
  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    My advice for what its worth - all tri suits are different so the more you try on the better, yes it is hard work. Both my tri suits are for women, but I tried on five the first time I bought one, but it was great. For instance I am not very good at un-doing a wetsuit from the top, but there is one where it undoes from the bottom, it was perfect. As for a built in bra just where one under your trisuit, swim costume or what ever you are going to race in, it will be fine - I have to all the time. Now would be a good time to look out for a wetsuit because you can pick up really good bargins in the sales. I hope you have a good tri shop near you, but if not it might pay to travel a little further and get good advice, dont get rushed into buying something that doesn't feel right. Good Luck.
  • julesojuleso Posts: 279

    I just bought one of these, an Orca Race tri suit from 2007:


    It's got a support for the, er, chest. I don't know about you but I wanted a tri suit that would make me look like I'm not really taking things that seriously (although my body shape would probably say that for me quite nicely!).

    I agree that it's nice to try on lots of stuff but I just went along to a branch of AW Cycles, thinking that they'd have something in the sale - and they did - this was reduced by 25% to £45.

    Hope this helps. :-)
  • Hi, I may be too late and you've bought your fab new tri suit - but if you are a slightly (!) larger busted woman - don't rely on the internal support on is own. I found that no matter how snug and supported I felt when trying it on, once the item got wet it was considerably less supportive. Have now gone the bra and supportless tri suit way. Definately agree about trying them on, but results are still debatable. I did try on a Tri Girl shorts and top, fab fit, great colours - husband announced, after purchase - shorts see through from rear when on bike - still worth a go might put off the opposition, in one way or another[;)].
  • thanks everyone, I will take your advice onboard and I think I'll go to a shop and try a few on before deciding. I've looked at them online and I do like the look of the 2XU endurance. I have the TFN in nottingham anyone been there before. I sometimes feel like I'm not taken seriously in these places, I'm sure if I was a first time male triathlete I would get more advice and help?? There doesn't seem to be any female staff at these shops, to give advice.
  • taytay Posts: 18
    Sorry, I am in London, so can't comment on TFN, but just grab loads of sizes and brands (Orca, 2xu etc) and try them all on - personally, I still need a sports bra as well (so take one with you to ensure it all works together) I liked the 2xu, but it didn't work for me with an extra bra, so it was Orca for me. Good luck - and you will know which one is the right one after you have tried a few on!
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