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Two week`s to go

pippip Posts: 170
Until my first tri and what did i do last night.................. only gone and pulled a muscle in my calf while doind a 10k training session.

I wouldn`t have minded quite so much if it had been in the 1st 1 or 2 k but you just don`t expect this to happen 7k into your run.Any way i started walking home and then it started raining ,then the wind started,then i got cold so i did a bit of a jog to get back home before hypothermia set in.Any way i`ve had ice on it all last night and been stretching it today so i was just wondering if anybody had any other advice to help it mend quicker


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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Baby oil mate and a damn good working.

    Keep working that bad boy everyday, it will help it, it will bloody hurt mind but give it a good rubbing.

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    ScibbyScibby Posts: 55
    If you've strained the muscle, I wouldn't actually stretch it for now until pain subsides. Me thinks, a strained / pulled = torn muscle fibres and over stretching may cause further tears. Spot on the the ice though and you might wanna try hot/cold treatment too. Apparently good for circulation which is good for healing.

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    fatstufatstu Posts: 46
    Tell me about it Pip... 3 weeks to the day to my first 70.3 and (cue horror movie crescendo....)

    Man flu strikes...

    Missed 2 days training already. Praying for the drugs to work fast...
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    pippip Posts: 170
    Thnks for advice,got the wife to give me a deep massage last night,Judas H Priest it was ferkin murder but feels much better today.Anyway i`ve decided only gentle runs from now untill 31st May which is my day of reckoning
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