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Cervelo S1 as beginners Tri bike?

Hi all,

Being very new to the world of triathlon and road bikes in particular, I am wanting to know if anyone has any particular opinions on whether they think the Cervelo S1 road bike could potentially be a good purchase for my first triathlon bike??

Currently I have completed a few duathlons getting used to transitions etc but on a borrowed bike - finances are slightly restricted to approx 1k, therefore any alternative suggestions would be very welcomed!!!

Many thanks



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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I recently did the research to find a decent bike for 1K and came up with the Dolan Mythos:


    Carbon monocoque frame/forks and Ultegra everything for £1000. You also get the full choice of chainsets, cassettes & stem length.

    BUT I was very aware of the sizes I needed based on what I wanted to do with the bike, and on my settings from my current bike. I even did a lot of measurement both real ones and by taking pictures and measuring on the computer, drawing lines etc.

    I managed to accurately spec the bike without ever having sat on it, and I have to say it fits like a charm [:D]

    If you are not confident to do this then do not buy a bike on-line or by ordering unless you have actually tried one, or had a proper bike fitting so you can use those measurements

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    If you are currently looking for a good deal, Planet X are flogging full carbon road, TT, and track bikes at knock down prices.

    If you want to save £99 you can even build the thing yourself.

    If I had a spare grand, I would be getting one, but to be honest, I can't afford the divorce it would end up in.

    Planet X

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    s'funny. I got the e-mail from P-X and was just logging in to say the same thing.

    If you have the cash and the spanners, there are some serious deals there.
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