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first olympic distance tri - any advice?


I've done a few sprint tris, however, next year I plan to try an olympic distance one. Does anyone have any advice on good events to enter within a reasonable distance of London?



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    I'm doing the Windsor Triathlon in June 2009 (www.humanrace.co.uk). Six times BTA Event of the Year in the last seven years and winner of the 220 Race of the Year.

    Not done this one before (my first year of triathlons) so hoping for a good start.
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    I'm thinking about Olympic distance as well, as I did 4 Sprint events this summer.

    What I'm interested to know is how much extra training I'm going to have to do to get a decent result?

    I currently do about 6 hours a week but that includes almost 3 hours of bike commuting.

    Not sure if I can fit any more in and stay married![:D]

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    Well here's a different suggestion! An olympic triathlon in Malta costs about 24euros only - and if you get an Easyjet or Ryanair flight it ain't so bad...

    And...the sea is nice and warm and blue [:D]

    There's an Olympic October 4th 2009 - lovely warm (but not too hot weather)

    Think about it!

    (Oh and no the only thing I get out of this is getting to compete with new people! - gets a bit boring always competing against the same faces)
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    whats the name of the event? where do i apply?? i'd be very keen to try a race in malta!
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    Um best to check out the Website www.maltatriathlon.org

    But we're pretty free and easy here...mainly would just need to drop them a line bit before to confirm. Or can just contact me and I can sort entry, accomodation for you.

    The following are the planned events for 2009 so far:


    Cheers! [:D]
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    mkamka Posts: 26
    I'd heard that the Windsor one was quite a tough event (esp. that i'll be a first timer attempting the Olympic distance), however, am willing to give it a go so have printed off the entry form.

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    Does sound pretty tough.

    Watched it on CH4 this year.

    The swim was against a strong current - the camera showed people getting out the river and walking! Then there's an uphill run to transition and a climb to the castle on the run.

    Sounds great - see you there!!![:D]
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    I too will be attempting my first Olympic distance tri next year, I have entered Windsor and London... now to actually do the training [:)]

    As I live in Bracknell and cycle to work (when the weathers nice!!) in Maidenhead, I actually comute along some of the cycle route. As an unfit fat bloke with a legacy racer the roads aren't too bad and only a couple testing hills - although they might be testing due to me only having 12 gears [:D]

    I must confess the running route does look a little more challenging - it looks like it climbs up the hill that is parallel to the castle (opposite Eton bridge) which is quite steep, and you do it 3 times!!!

    As a kid I used to swim in The Thames and I turned out ok[&:]


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